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What Happens if Social Media Goes Away?

President Biden just signed a bill that will ban TikTok in the U.S. unless it is sold in the coming months. Regardless of what you think about TikTok, this has major implications for all of us. And It's just the beginning.

Think about it. What if Facebook went away, too? What if Instagram was shut down? Or YouTube? There are other bills in the works that could impact social media as we know it.

These are the spaces that we have all become accustomed to turning to when we want to find community. This new TikTok law is just a reminder that we can't rely ONLY on social media. We need other ways to engage online and find our people. We need new opportunities to explore the Power of Community.

We've honestly been pulling away from some social media for a while. We don't know about you, but we feel like these platforms are getting increasingly negative with every passing day.

As someone just pointed out to us recently, even Beyonce isn't safe. Must we all have opinions about whether she should release a country album? Last time we checked Beyonce is a grown woman who can do whatever she wants and shouldn't be jumped all over for exploring her creativity!

So where can you go to build community, find resources and be in a SAFE SPACE?

The Passionistas Project sisterhood.

Come and share your thoughts, fears, wins, concerns... and your country music if you're so inclined. We promise we won't bash, criticize or force opinions on you. We're hear to offer you a warm, virtual hug.

We are a loving, safe, authentic environment where you won't be judged for being vulnerable.

And we aren't going anywhere. We're just getting started!

Stop by and say hi. Spend a few less minutes on TikTok. You won't be sorry.


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