Author Rachel Van Dyken Is Exposing #MeToo Moments in the Fashion Industry

In the last ten years, school counselor turned four-time New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken has written 85 romance novels. No, that is not a typo — 85. She is typically writing two or three stories at one time and publishes an average of 12 books a year. Some are published traditionally and some are self-published. She says that working on various projects at once keeps her from getting writer’s block because when she gets stuck she moves on to another genre or set of characters and her creativity is freed again. A mutual friend introduced her to the legendary super model Kathy Ireland, who had an idea for a suspense novel based on her real life story in the fashion industry.

An Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to 60

Photo Courtesy of Rita Barney Sometimes I yawn when I hear 40ish year old women complain about how their youth has slipped away or about a minute wrinkle, or hear of their devout worries of being oldish and just not having the muscles in their derriere to keep it perky and tight or how unattractive it is to have a pooch in the belly. Sometimes, I fight with my voice box to simply listen in silence; I stand by, chuckling to myself, finding it more advantageous to join in on the less dramatic monologue that runs nonstop in my head. I want to say, ”Listen up kid, ya’ ain't seen nothin’ yet.” I want to interrupt and ask if they can see me standing here, old and fighting age on my own terms, or

Fearlessly Putting Ideas Together To Create Something Bigger

We never know what to expect when one of our guests nominates another Passionista for us to interview. We had a feeling that Claudia Cordova Rucker would be generous of spirit since she has built a career around helping women relax and feel gorgeous at the award-winning beauty oasis Aqua Skin and Nail Care and Estetica Mia. But we never anticipated that she also has created an inclusive work environment for her employees. Claudia's journey hasn't always been easy. But she's faced each challenge with a positive attitude and a willingness to adapt that has allowed her to transform problems into unique opportunities. In our interview with her for The Passionistas Project Podcast, she talks ab

Author Tonia Root Turns Tragedy into a Tale of Inspiration

Tonia Root had never planned on being a writer but after tragedy struck her family, she found herself on a mission to share her inspirational story. In a recent interview, she recounted the incident that altered her path in life. “At the age of three my little boy went to the store with my sister, in a pull wagon, and he was hit by a drunk driver and left for dead,” she revealed. “He has been through a lot medically and his prognosis was not good from the doctors. They told me he would never walk, talk or even know who I am.” Although it was a difficult time for Root and her family, she realized that her experience could serve as an uplifting example to help others. “As time went by,

You Do Not Need Permission!

Women are challenging societal views in big ways. Tearing down centuries worth of repression, not to mention unfair attitudes towards women, still evident today. The bar is set high and we’re judged based on a distinct set of rules not applicable to men. It is a reality that chose us but no longer limits our gender. The double standard applies to the things we say or do and how we should think or behave. Luckily, molds are being shattered into millions of fragmented pieces. Whether we realize it or not, every woman has a role in creating an individual footprint to help continue smashing barriers. I am embracing the opportunities that break ground instead of shying away from them. Learnin

Lucinda Mack: Turns Personal Challenges Into a Love of Writing

Lucinda Mack's turned a childhood illness into a lifelong passion for writing. As she told us in a recent interview, "My interest began at the age of nine. At that time, I was felled by several diseases and was paralyzed from my waist down. My medical professionals thought I might be contagious and kept me quarantined from the outside world. Close family members thought I was going to die. I felt abandoned, frightened and confused. At some point, I asked for pen and paper and began my writing career." That request had a profound effect on how she viewed the world around her during that difficult time, "The process grounded me and helped me to cope with the uncertainties in my young life. T

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