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Sisterhood Made Simple: FAQs about the Community

We’re now two months in to The Passionistas Project sisterhood and there are a lot of questions swirling around. So, we thought we’d use this week’s blog to answer a few of them in case you were wondering the same thing.

So here goes…

What is The Passionistas Project sisterhood?

The sisterhood is an online community. Think of it like Facebook without all the sponsored posts and cat memes. It’s a way to connect away from the noise. It’s discussions, resources, events, courses, chats and more, in one easy-to-navigate place. It’s a networking platform were you can meet like-minded women, in a safe space, where you won’t be judged or bullied or made to feel less than. It’s an educational space where you can watch videos on your own time or take part in multi-week classes taught by our expert Power Passionistas. It’s a place where you can find podcasts and TV series made by and for women. It’s a place where you can come to get advice about something that’s challenging you or share your thoughts about a hot topic. It’s all the things you do with your sisters IRL, but virtually, on your couch, in your stretchy clothes!

Who are Passionistas?

Passionistas are independent women, solopreneurs, freelancers, creatives, founders, activists and dreamers who want to succeed on their own terms. They are from marginalized communities — AAPI, Black, Disability, Indigenous, Latinx, LGBQTIA2+, Over 50 and more — who have a passion they want to pursue but find themselves at a disadvantage to fulfill their purpose. They are small business owners who don’t have the safety net of a big corporation or organization to provide structure or a support system. They are women on personal growth journeys who want to find passion and purpose beyond the office. They are activists or nonprofit founders with a purpose and cause they are deeply committed to. They want to be part of a larger community of women who will work together to change the world.

What areas does the community focus on?

The Passionistas Project sisterhood is focused on three pillars — business development, personal growth and social impact. We believe all three go hand-in-hand and that you can’t be effective in one area without addressing the others. While many of our members are entrepreneurs, founders and coaches looking for business advice, they are also very aware that success relies on personal growth and well-being. And we live on the principles that giving back is essential and nothing will change if we sit on the sidelines. We are all givers who want to help each other thrive.

What is the difference between the NO-COST and PREMIUM memberships?

We have two membership tiers because we want everyone to have a fulfilling experience. With a no-cost membership, you can introduce yourself, meet the other women in the community, access our networking thread to share your perspectives and pose questions, watch our Passionistas Primers rapid learning videos and attend a monthly networking event. If you upgrade to a PREMIUM membership you also have access to the Power Passionistas and Passionistas PhD masterclasses, as well as multi-week courses. In addition, you can access the Passionistas Podcast network, watch Passionistas TV shows, take advantage of the Offers and Opportunities section and so much more.

What kinds of courses do you have coming up?

Our first course launches this month with Dr. Melissa Bird’s The Basics of the Art of the Graceful Revolution — overcoming perfectionism and relying on intuition. Then over the next 12 months we are planning things like Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workshops, Book/Film Clubs, Tiny Habits Coaching, Planning Your 12-Week Year, Interviewing for Introverts, Disability Rights Workshops, Financial Planning and so much more.

How much does the PREMIUM membership cost?

The premium membership is only $49 per month (billed quarterly for $147). Or pay upfront for one year and save 15% — just $499 for the year. The cost of just one of the courses outside of the sisterhood would be hundreds or thousands of dollars and you get five to six courses a year, plus all of the other content and invaluable networking opportunities.

Can I try the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP before I spend money?

Yes! Every premium membership starts with a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL. So, you can come and poke around, watch a few classes, attend an event and see what’s happening. If you don’t like what you see, cancel before the 14 days are up and you won’t be charged. If you do like it, your card will be charged every 3 or 12 months, depending on which term you sign up for.

What if I want to cancel after I sign up?

We can't imagine that happening because there is so much value to a membership. But if you must go, you can cancel anytime. Your card will not be charged on your next renewal date.

What if I can’t afford it but I really want to upgrade?

We are an inclusive sisterhood and we won't leave anyone behind. If times are tough for you, let us know with this form and we're here to help you.

What if I want to pay it forward?

Our scholarship program is a way for our members to support each other. Subscribe for a one-year premium membership and we will gift one to a sister without the financial means to join. Or you can donate any amount to our scholarship fund.

How can I join?

Use this link to start your 14-DAY FREE TRIAL before you upgrade. Use this link to join the sisterhood at no cost to you.

We hope this took some of the mystery out of the community for you. If we didn’t answer your questions feel free to reach out to


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