Jessica Craven Teaches Us to Chop Wood, Carry Water

We started The Passionistas Project out of a deep desire to want to do something meaningful. After years immersed in the world of pop culture, we felt like we needed use our platform in a way that might impact people’s lives. We’re not going to lie. The 2016 election shook us up. We had become way more politically aware and were dipping our toes into being more active but looking back we knew in our hearts that we just didn’t do enough to feel we had an influence on the results. We woke up on November 4, 2016, determined to do more. We started to go to rallies. We signed up for all kinds of information. And, ultimately, we launched The Passionistas Project Podcast with the ardent belief

Finding Food Peace Led Suz Carpenter on a Mission to Pay It Forward

Suz Carpenter had a secret. She had struggled with an eating disorder since she was a teenager. But it wasn’t until someone asked her a very serious question that she knew she had to change her relationship with food. Still, that was easier said than done. The over saturated world of diets and nutrition advice was overwhelming and confusing. But when she eventually figured out what worked for her and was at peace, she felt the need to pay it forward and share what she learned with others who were struggling. And so, she founded CarpenterOne80, to help people cut through the confusion, figure out what works for them, feel satisfied and not deprived and finally find food peace. Here’s an excer

Katy Dolan — Chooses Balance Over the Traditional Path

Photo Courtesy of Katy Dolan So many people have had the experience. They graduate from college, eager to go into the world and pursue their dreams. Once they land that first job, they think they're off and running on the path to achieving their goals. But for some, that dream job can become a nightmare — or at least a major disappointment. Being the new kid on the block can often come with long hours, loads of pressure and a nagging feeling that maybe the real world is a little harsher than people had described. But most people believe their only option is to grin and bear it until they get their big break. That was not the case for Katy Dolan. Not long after graduating from Harvard and

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