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Tired of trying to meet someone else's
definition of success? Crave a more authentic
and fulfilling life? This guided journal by
The Passionistas Project
® is here to help.

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey
or looking to redefine your current path,
this journal will help guide you towards creating
a more meaningful and satisfying life.

Success is yours to define —
let this journal be your guide.


Get Your Guide to Defining 
Success on Your Own Terms

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The pages of this guided journal are filled with quotes from women who have been interviewed for The Passionistas Project Podcast — a platform that amplifies the voices of women who are making a difference in the world. These women have overcome obstacles, pursued their passions and redefined success on their own terms.


By drawing inspiration from their wisdom and following the thought-provoking prompts and exercises, you’ll uncover your unique values, passions and strengths and find a direction that aligns with your authentic self. Let the wisdom of these Passionistas inspire you to unlock your full potential and achieve the success you deserve

The quotes in this book come from women who have been interviewed for The Passionistas Project Podcast.

Click through to get more information about these inspiring Passionistas.



Sisters, Amy and Nancy Harrington, founded The Passionistas Project out of a deep desire to empower women around the world to follow their passions.


Both co-founders walked away from high-profile jobs in Hollywood to work together. Amy was the Vice President of Visual Effects and Post Production for all feature films at Warner Bros, working on movies like the Harry Potter and Matrix franchises. Nancy had her own design firm and theater company before working at the agency that created Academy Award campaigns for Miramax.


Together, they founded Pop Culture Passionistas and have conducted and produced over 1500 celebrity interviews for their own website, The Interviews for the Television Academy Foundation and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum.


Now they shine a light on the positive stories of self-identified women and non-binary people through The Passionistas Project with their podcast, Power of Passionistas summit and online community. They inspire women to embrace their authenticity, pursue their passions and support one another along the way. They believe that by creating a space where women can connect, tell their own unfiltered stories and empower each other, they can make a positive impact in the world.

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