Taking an Analytical Approach to Business Coaching

Lindsay Gordon started her career as a bio-engineer because she loved math and science and using her hands to build things. She even has a patent for a medical device that she created. From there she moved on to work in technical support at Google — which, unlike most human beings on the planet, she loves. Not because she likes dealing with stressed out people but because she loves the “treasure hunt” of finding the answers for them. Lindsay eventually started working with new hires at Google and found an affinity for coaching. She started her new career as a side hustle and then eventually launched A Life of Options full-time four years ago. But because of her engineering background, she ha

Follow your passion – good or bad advice?

Why would you consider 'follow your passion' bad advice? After all, don’t all the gurus say that “if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life”? What if you don’t have a passion to follow? Or what if you have one, and by following it nay-sayers call you crazy, tell you to get a “real” job, or (the shame of it all) your bank account is down to its last $35? The case against following your passion Recently I hit what could be considered a new low in my decision to pursue my passion (which is to have fun adventures as well as to guide others on their path to shifting to an adventure mindset)…I went and interviewed at a temp agency to see if they could find work for me until my hou

Caleigh Hernandez Has a Global Perspective on Paying It Forward

At the end of last year, we hit the local craft fairs to seek out Passionistas to feature in The Passionistas Project Pack subscription box. But we were excited to stumble upon the story of Caleigh Hernandez, a social entrepreneur with a global mission. We actually met her mom that day and she shared Caleigh's story with us. We were excited to interview Caleigh and hear directly about her experiences. In 2014, Caleigh founded RoHo after falling in love with a pair of beaded sandals in a craft market in Kampala, Uganda. Breaking through language barriers, Caleigh teamed up with a Kenyan woman named Lydia and launched a company that focuses on social change by empowering women. Profits from

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