Kate Anderson’s iFundWomen Provides Access to Capital, Coaching and Community

We are all a little uncertain what the future holds, especially anyone who owns a small business. And if you are a woman business owner, the prospects might feel even more daunting. Now more than ever we need an organization like iFundWomen — a crowdfunding platform with the goal of helping female entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. We interviewed co-founder and operations director Kate Anderson before any of us knew what social distancing was or had considered applying for a Paycheck Protection Plan. But her words and advice resonate even more in the new normal. If you need to raise funds for your business, read more below, listen to Kate’s episode of The Passionistas Project Podcas

Empower Work Founder Jaime-Alexis Fowler Helps Solve Workplace Dilemmas Via Text

How many of us have been in the position before? We have an issue at work that we don't know how to resolve. We can't share it with our colleagues because it's a sensitive issue. We don't know how to address it with our boss. And we feel like the human resources department, even if there is one, is really just looking out for the company not the employees. Jaime-Alexis Fowler came up with a solution — Empower Work. Now employees can discuss their workplace dilemmas with trained peer counselors. It all happens via text message or online chat. The conversations can take place anywhere — the train during your commute, in the break room at work or from the comfort of your own home. And, as if th

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