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You can place a product in your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button located on the product details page.

Once an item has been added to the cart, you can click the "Continue Shopping,” “Proceed to Checkout” or “Login & Checkout” buttons. To remove an item from the shopping cart, simply click the “X” button located on the left side of the product on the shopping cart page.

When you're ready to complete your order, be sure to review all of the items you've placed in your shopping cart. Once you have determined which items you want to purchase, click either the “Proceed to Checkout” or “Login & Checkout” button.

After you click the "Checkout" button, you will need to provide your billing and shipping address. Your billing address must be entered exactly as it appears on your credit card statement). You will then select your method of payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

SALES TAX is located in California and our manufacturer is also in North Carolina. We are required to collect sales tax on clothing products bought in California and North Carolina.

Be sure to review all of the information you provided, and make any necessary changes before clicking the "Place Order" button. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with your confirmation number. As a courtesy, we will also send you a confirmation e-mail once your order has shipped.


RETURNS & EXCHANGES wants you to be completely satisfied with your order and we will process your returns or exchanges as quickly as possible.

If you are not satisfied with your order, please e-mail us at All emails should reference your original order number and the words "Return" or "Exchange" should be in the subject line of the email. If you do not know your order number, please provide as many details as possible regarding your order, including; order date, items(s) and mailing address. will not accept returns or exchanges for any item that has been washed, dried, damaged or stained. This includes items that have been damaged by a washer or dryer.

Items may be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase for any reason. If you received a damaged or incorrect item, please email within five days.
Shipping costs to send any non-damaged item back to is the responsibility of the customer.
If an items was delivered as ordered and undamaged, but returned for refund, the amount of the refund will be equal to the cost of the item. The shipping cost will not be refunded. If the item was delivered as part of a free shipping delivery, the refund will be equal to the cost of the item, minus standard shipping cost of $6.50 per item returned.
Please note measurements of each shirt are available on every product page. Please compare these measurements to a shirt of your own to ensure proper sizing. LINK TO SIZE GUIDE

Due to the nature of the Limited Edition Renaissance Peace Angels, we are not able to offer returns or refunds on this artwork.

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