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Sisters Helping Sisters: Give Back or Apply Now

We pride ourselves on being an INCLUSIVE SISTERHOOD. One of the stumbling blocks we faced when creating the future of the Passionistas was reconciling with ourselves how we can continue to serve marginalized communities while at the same time charging a fair price for our services. We know that if we thrive, you will thrive, but we need the financial means to keep the community going and growing into the future.

While our membership fee is very reasonable we are fully aware that TIMES ARE TOUGH FOR EVERYONE and that the very women we want to help often have limited financial means.

And we refuse to leave anyone behind.

So we have established the Passionistas Scholarship Program. Every time someone signs up for a one-year premium membership, WE WILL GIFT A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to another women who needs a little help.


It's a way for us to not exclude anyone and for our members to support each other. After all, there’s nothing more sisterly than helping out another member, right? So if you don’t have the money in your budget to upgrade, APPLY now. The sisterhood has your back. Always.


And if you have the means, and have been thinking about upgrading, consider signing up for a one-year membership to help another Passionistas. And, it you can't commit to the full membership, but want to pitch in, we also accept donations to the fund in smaller increments.

Learn more about how to GIVE BACK HERE.


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