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Stacey Newman Weldon: I'm an Adventure Passionista

A few years ago Stacey Newman Weldon found herself at a crossroads. Downsized after just four months at a new job, was it time to hit the pavement with resumes in hand or set off on a new journey?

Fortunately for Stacey, she had already been working towards an attitude shift after going through a divorce and staring down the barrel of an empty nest. Looking for ways to bring back happiness in her life, she set off on tiny adventures like walking home from work on a different route, dining at a new restaurant alone or looking for the best hot chocolate in New York City.

She then started blogging about her experiences on her site, Adventure Wednesdays — the night every week that her ex had her two sons and she was free to explore. These adventures led to meeting her adventure partner on a speed date ("he's a little too old to be my boyfriend!"), starting chocolate tours of the Manhattan (Yes, she has a map!) and even becoming a full-fledged Burner. She's attended the Burning Man dessert art fest for five straight summers.

Leaving behind a very successful, lifelong career in advertising sales to start a new adventure launching her own business was a natural choice for Stacey. She admits it's been tough at times and there's been a lot to learn. But now the Adventures spill over into the other six days of the week as she discovers new talents, explores ever-changing technologies and plans out ways to share her adventures with others.

She finds joy in the little things and now spends her time trying to spread that feeling to other women trying to get out of a rut, expand their horizons or just see that half full glass from time to time.

Armed with immense gratitude, a lifetime of knowledge and a sense of adventure, Stacey is a truly an inspiring woman who is following her passions. Don't miss our interview with her on this week's episode of The Passionistas Project Podcast live here on our site, as well as Podbean, iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify.

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