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Karina Velasco Explores the Future of Sex

Photo courtesy of Karina Velasco

When she was nine years old, Karina Velasco started training in energetics and kinesthetic, disciplines that would have a major impact on her future career trajectory. As she recalled in a recent one on one interview, “My parents where both into that world so it was natural for me. Ten years ago, I decided to make energetics and transformation my professional career. I love sharing my own transformation path so last year I started to give one-on-one sessions on energetic momentum, a therapy I created for healing for an outstanding life.”

Velasco devised the Yorgasmic Method. “This is a method of self-development that merges spirituality and sexuality,” she explained. “We focus on using orgasmic energy in a healing modality to heal, transform and gain more pleasure in our lives.”

The Mexico City native, who traveled extensively throughout her childhood and adult years explained that she developed the method during eight years of teaching globally and trying different energy and spiritual technologies around meditation and practices. She noted, “Our students asked us for a method to follow at home and practices to improve their lives.”

The Yorgasmic Method employs the method of conscious sexuality, which she described as “the approach to sexuality that goes beyond the act of physical sex focusing on the power of energy for healing, connection and transformation. In sex it’s the ability to choose how to share this energy, expand pleasure beyond the genitals and have a beautiful connection that goes beyond pleasure itself.”

She explained how empowered sexuality and spirituality linked. “Sex is the most powerful energy,” Velasco acknowledged. “When we make peace and dismantle the narratives about sex then we have the power to refine this energy and gain access to subtle energies that are the ones that connect us to the divine, God and spirit. This approach invites us to enjoy sexuality as a path to go beyond ourselves and dismantle our identity, feeling a deeper and more profound experience of ourselves in the world. That is what spirituality is.”

And Velasco pointed out that connecting with body wisdom can help women become more empowered. “Our body does not lie. When we tap into this wisdom we can actually become aware of the emotions, thought patterns and physical aspects that hold trauma. When we become aware we can work through those things we want to change that are conscious, or in the subconscious, and make space through pleasure for the holistic healing to happen. Our minds are what create our reality and sometimes we think all is good in a rational form but when you go into your body you discover that you are still holding onto something and can actually make a shift. This is empowering because we can actually change it.”

Inspired by her students, Velasco wrote the book The Future of Sex. She explained, “I wanted them to have a guide they could follow at home. For me personally, what also inspired me is to be able to shift the way we interact with other human beings and create another narrative about love, connection and sex that it is actually healthier and more empowering. We are constantly evolving everything in our lives, if we keep thinking about sex in the same ways we cannot have access to evolve this part of our lives.”

So, what is Velasco’s vision of the future of sex? “The future of sex is the ability to move, explore, discover and use Sex Energy as an agent of deep connection, change, transformation and healing,” she revealed. “It is to explore sex beyond the physical act we all know. It is to be sexually liberated which means to have the ability to choose how to use this energy in all of its different ways that go beyond penetration or genital play.”

In addition to the Latin American show “Sexualidad Integral,” which provides sex education from a holistic point of view, Velasco also hosts the YouTube show “Coffee, Tea or Sex.” She described the web series saying, “That show is super fun because I invite different guests to talk about sexuality from BDSM to Sex Energy. In ‘Tea,’ we talk about health. One of my top guests was David Wolfe, and in ‘Coffee,’ we talk about empowerment and transformation. My top guest was [transformational truth teacher] Kute Blackson.

In terms of what Velasco hopes readers take away from her work, she remarked, “Empowerment, clarity, expansion, deeper connection and joy. To live your life with more possibilities and a deeper connection with yourself and others. To have the choice and possibility to transform and heal yourself.”

 And she offered some tips on how people can feel empowered sexually:

• Radical acceptance of who you are. To be able to see yourself beyond judgment and polish your gifts and attributes. To be able to embrace the unacceptable parts of yourself without judgment or shame.

• Get out of your minds and listen to your body. Your body has the wisdom to tell you what is going on in your being so you can actually make a change.

• Be free. When we hold to things we usually get stuck or stagnate. Freedom is to make space for the new and for what actually you want to bring to the world.

• Clarity. Be clear of what you want and what you don’t want. Clarity is a beautiful attribute that emerges when you know who you are and your true essence, then you can make choices from the space instead of listening to your mind that is filled with conditioning from what is expected from us by our society, parents and the world.

To learn more about Karina Velasco visit her official website.


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