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Ramona Harvey: I'm a Happiness Passionista

Ramona Harvey did something most of us only dream of doing. She left her job in the world of consumer research for big corporations like Twitter, eBay and the Gap, took her kids out of school and moved home to her family farm in Romania. She couldn’t help but feel like she needed to revisit her homeland, share the country with her children and get out of her 9 to 5 rut.

Everyone thought she was crazy. But she did it anyway.

She and her family spent the year working the farm, milking cows, feeding chickens and picking fresh vegetables for their meals. She homeschooled the kids and traveled with them through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, UK and Scotland. And, she did a lot of soul searching, reading about positive psychology and researching the concept of happiness.

Upon returning to San Francisco, she wondered how could it be that the year abroad had such a profound impact and yet nothing had really changed. And so she used her background to develop an interview and research plan to study happiness. She found many common threads and similarities among the two camps — those who consider themselves happy and those who do not.

Don’t miss our Passionistas Project Podcast interview with Ramona to hear more about what she discovered and how you, too, can follow her Path of Happiness.

To read more about Ramona and her work visit

The Passionistas Podcast is hosted by Podbean. To learn more visit their website.

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