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Author Tonia Root Turns Tragedy into a Tale of Inspiration

Tonia Root had never planned on being a writer but after tragedy struck her family, she found herself on a mission to share her inspirational story. In a recent interview, she recounted the incident that altered her path in life. “At the age of three my little boy went to the store with my sister, in a pull wagon, and he was hit by a drunk driver and left for dead,” she revealed. “He has been through a lot medically and his prognosis was not good from the doctors. They told me he would never walk, talk or even know who I am.” Although it was a difficult time for Root and her family, she realized that her experience could serve as an uplifting example to help others. “As time went by, I felt the need for Gage's story to be told, it itself it’s a truly inspiring journey — a lot of very hard scary situations, but its a tragic story that truly ends amazingly.

In late 2019, Root published the non-fiction work called Gage My Beautiful Boy. She explained, “My book tells the story on how we got thru it and how hard he has struggled to get where he is today.” While writing about her experiences, Root discovered something about herself. She admitted, “I found that if I get put in a horrific situation, where there is no hope at all, I can find it in myself not to settle for what I'm told. I will give it all I can to make it better.” The new author hopes the book helps people facing challenges in their own lives. “I believe it will give others that are in a similar situation or even just going through hard times, a lot of inspiration to fight for the out come you want,” Root remarked. She added, “I would love people to read my book and see that we all have a inner strength. If something is truly important to you, dig and find it, you can impress even yourself after you truly figure out how strong we can be.” As for her son, he’s continuing to defy the odds. As Root explained, “Gage is amazing, he still has a lot to go through medically in his life, but he always wakes up like sunshine, ready to tackle every challenge that comes his way. While Root has no new books in the work, she has a greater purpose in life. She noted, “Since the accident my main focus is my family, I’m very devoted as a mother and a wife. My main project has been helping my little boy overcome the bad hand he was given and helping him be the amazing little man I know he is. That is my passion and my main focus in life.” To learn more about Tonia Root and Gage My Beautiful Boy visit her website.

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