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Passionista Sarah Boyd — Founder of SIMPLY

Courtesy of Sarah Boyd

Sarah Boyd did the thing we love to see our Passionistas do — she parleyed a successful business as a public relations maven in the fashion industry into a thriving business where she's following her passion. In 2012, Sarah founded SIMPLY, a fashion and beauty conference that now spans the globe with events in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Dubai. During our Passionistas Project Podcast interview with Sarah, she talked about her love of connecting people and described the most rewarding part of her job. "Definitely the day of the event, the conference. When I look and I see all of these women, just so happy, and all of them thanking me for creating something like this because it's changed their life and given them inspiration. And I hear so many stories of them creating their own businesses after coming, or making a new relationship that helped them or just countless, amazing testimonials. And being there on that day with all the planning and all the work going into it, it's amazing." In addition to the large-scale conferences that exceed 1,000 participants each, SIMPLY hosts smaller workshops in Los Angeles and curates a blog and social media channels to feed their community with information. On top of all that, Sarah launched SIMPLY's Digital Network, which handles monetization and partnerships for high-profile celebrity bloggers like The Gifted's Jamie Chung, Dancing with the Stars' Julianne Hough and The Bachelor's Lauren Bushnell. To hear more about Sarah Boyd and SIMPLY, tune in to her episode of The Passionistas Project Podcast and visit and follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahpboyd.

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