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We Have a HUGE Confession to Make!

We thought we were sympathetic to the isolation that so many female entrepreneurs, activists, artists and more feel every day. As sisters and business partners, we have always been acutely aware of how lucky we are to have each other. It’s why we built The Passionistas Project sisterhood, so we could share the trust, loyalty and camaraderie that we have with all of you — to help you feel a little less alone in your journeys.

But we must confess, until recently, we had no idea how heavy your burden could truly be.

That all changed this past summer when Nancy got sick and was basically out of commission for the better part of four months. Amy suddenly found herself doing the work of two people, who do the work of 10 people. She didn’t have her business partner to bounce ideas off of. Our resident graphic designer (aka, Nancy) was hospitalized. Our social media manager (again, Nancy) was focused on healing her body and mind. Amy couldn’t ask her closest confidante (yup, her again) for personal advice because she had her own stress just getting through the day. And she lost her partner in crime to bed rest and a total loss of energy.

Amy was doing what she could to keep all those plates spinning (watch this video if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about) while focusing on insurance deadlines and coordinating with doctors and hospital staff. Every day she felt like another piece of china was crashing at her feet and she didn’t want to let Nancy down.


Our eyes were truly opened to how hard it is to grow a business, practice self-care and continue to champion causes that really matter when you’re out there doing it on your own.

We’re reminded of our dear departed mother Betty’s favorite saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”

If you had asked us in early July what good possibly could have come from Nancy’s body waging war on her, we would have been at a loss. But it became clear to us when some of our chosen sisters stepped in to fill the professional and personal gaps that seemed to be breaking apart our best laid plans. (We’re looking especially at a few Passionistas in particular, yes you, Beth Harrington, Lisa Barbosa, Karen Herman, Julie DeLucca-Collins, Dr. Melissa Bird, Carolyn Koppel and Mae Chandran.)  

We realized that we were meant to experience what it’s truly like for all of you out there doing it on your own. And with that knowledge, we feel even better prepared to create a space to better serve you in building your businesses, achieving your personal goals and changing the world.

If you're looking for this support, there are two ways to join the sisterhood.

You can join our no-cost membership and have access to:

🙋‍♀️ The Introduce Yourself space — to connect with other Passionistas

👋 Passionistas Primers — for rapid learning and short form video content

🏆 The Wall of Women’s Wins — to celebrate the large and small moments of our successes

🤝 New member networking — to ask us questions and meet other like-minded women

📃 A personalized profile page in the Passionistas directory

💸 10% discount on all paid events and Passionistas shop products.

You also can UPGRADE to our PASSIONISTAS PREMIUM ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP to access this next level content:

🎓 Learn at your own pace with PASSIONISTAS PhD classes. New courses will be updated on a weekly basis.

📺 Be inspired, gain knowledge and have fun watching original content and replays of live events in the PASSIONISTAS TV.

🎙️ Attend LIVE INTERVIEWS with Power Passionistas and experts. Drop your own questions in the chat for the chance at getting direct answers live during the interview.

📆 Attend monthly OFFICE HOURS WITH PASSIONISTAS FOUNDERS, Amy and Nancy Harrington — ask your questions, give us your feedback and have a greater influence on how the community evolves.

🤝🏽 CONNECT WITH OTHER MEMBERS in the Passionistas Profiles Directory.

👭🏾 Interact with your new sisters in the PASSIONISTAS PEER-TO-PEER PORTAL to draw inspiration, #BeAGuest/#FindAGuest, access special offers and opportunities, chat about pop culture and share your peaks and pitfalls every week.  

💸 20% DISCOUNT on all paid events and Passionistas shop products.

Plus, you will have DIRECT ACCESS TO OUR POWER PASSIONISTAS experts about topics like business funding, transformational leadership, unleashing untapped potential, trusting your intuition, political activism and so much more. They will be offering classes, live events, workshops, online courses and more. We are holding networking meet-ups, office hours and live interviews where you can come ask questions of the incredible Passionistas we'll be chatting with. 

You can UPGRADE TO THE PASSIONISTAS PREMIUM ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIP as a FOUNDING MEMBER for just $25/month (a three-month commitment billed quarterly at $75) or $250 for an annual membership. This fee will increase to $49/month after the first 100 women upgrade. So DON'T MISS OUT on exclusive access to classes, interviews, networking and more. Use the code FOUNDING50 to receive your discount.

Not sure you're ready? Sign up for FREE membership to access a lot of amazing content and connect with other Passionistas.



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