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The Power of Sisterhood: How Supporting Women Leads to Success

We are very lucky. We have had a fair share of success in our lives — both personal and professional. Many people thought we were crazy when we left our Hollywood careers. How could we walk away from the lifestyle? The glamour? The paycheck?

Yes, we were successful but something was missing for us. We wanted to have more impact on others in our daily lives. When we interviewed Susie Lewis, the Founder and Managing Director of Transform for Value, we knew we found a kindred spirit when she said, "Success for me is watching other people rise, watching their potential unlock itself."

Our journey was not just a personal transformation but a mission to uplift and empower women. The Passionistas Project is a symbol of our commitment to shine a light on women who often work tirelessly behind the scenes, impacting lives and communities in profound ways.

To us success transcends individual accomplishments. We are more excited when someone in our community has a win, reaches a milestone or affects great change. We started the Passionistas Project to uplift others but we have found more personal success from helping others than we ever have before.

Our new journal helps you explore this vision of success and others to help you define the word on your own terms. "Power of Passionistas: Creating Your Own Success Story" is designed to help you align your own success with the success of those making a difference in the world. It's about celebrating your achievements while also championing the accomplishments of others.

Here's what you can expect from the journal:

• Guided Reflections: The journal provides prompts and exercises to help you reflect on your goals, passions, and how you can uplift and inspire others.

• Actionable Steps: It offers practical steps and action plans to help you put the concept of elevating others into practice.

• Self-Discovery: Through journaling, you'll gain deeper insights into your values and strengths and how you can use them to effect positive change.

Look for "Power of Passionistas: Creating Your Own Success Story" on Amazon November 12.

Stay passionate —

Amy & Nancy


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