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LIVE INTERVIEW: Improving Brain Power

We're both trying to learn Italian. It's safe to say "Io non sono parli italiano bene."

TRANSLATION: I don't speak Italian well.

We are excited to be challenging our brains but it is frustrating that remembering new things isn't as easy as it once used to be. We like to tell ourselves this is because we've lived such full lives and have learned so much that there isn't as much room in there for new experiences.

So, we're looking forward to our interview this week to find out if this theory is just something we tell ourselves to feel better or if there is any truth to it. Our next podcast guest is Dr. Hokehe Eko and we'll be talking about Improving Brain Power. 


All Passionistas Premium All Access members are welcome to come by, leave any questions you have for Dr. Eko in the chat during the interview and we'll do our best to get them answered.

Dr. Eko is a Board Certified Pediatrician, with 10 years of experience. She is passionate about delivering the best possible care for your child. She is a Tedx Speaker on ADHD. She treats ADHD and other chronic illness by looking at the root causes and addressing physical and environmental factors so that children can go from fidgety to focused and the entire family can thrive — The ADHD Report.

When Dr. Eko is not seeing patients, she can be found chasing her three children and serving foster children as the founder of a non-profit Kits of Hope, Inc. She is very passionate about teaching both adults and children about how to boost the health of their brains so they can thrive in life.  ​​

There are four ways to access the interview: 

1. ATTEND LIVE. Passionistas Premium All Access members can tune in live (two weeks before the episode is released on other platforms) and ask questions of our guest in the chat.

2. PASSIONISTAS TV. Watch a commercial free replay of the video on "Passionistas TV" — exclusive to Passionistas Premium All Access members only.

3. LISTEN ON THE RADIO. Tune in to the Go Confidently Block of 360 Talk Radio for Women every Tuesday to hear the audio of the interview — two weeks after we record it live.

4. DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO PODCAST. We release a new epsiode every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts — two weeks after we record it live.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from Dr. Eko on Wednesday, February 21 at Noon PT.

You'll need to be a PASSIONISTAS PREMIUM ALL ACCESS MEMBER to join us for the live interview. FOUNDING MEMBERSHIPS are just $25/month (a three-month commitment billed quarterly at $75) or $250 for an annual membership. This fee will increase to $49/month after the first 100 women upgrade. So DON'T MISS OUT on exclusive access to classes, interviews, networking and more. Use the code FOUNDING50 to receive your discount.

Not sure you're ready? Sign up for FREE membership to access a lot of amazing content and connect with other Passionistas.


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