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It's today... Join the Sisterhood Now!

"Light the candles, Get the ice out

Roll the rug up, It's today!"

- "It's Today" from Mame by Jerry Herman

This song from the Broadway show Mame has been in our heads since we woke up!


We're launching our sisterhood. And while Auntie Mame was not involved in helping us on this journey, our Ancient Aunties were. Want to hear the story of our spirit guides? Join us today for our LIVE OFFICE HOURS and we'll tell you all about it.

We will be live at 10am PST today — stop by and ask us anything. We can tell you about the platform, how we started The Passionistas Project, what our old Hollywood jobs were like, what our favorite moments on the Emmys red carpet are or how a group of 1100-year-old little Jewish women helped us create this sisterhood. 

Sign up for a FREE membership to access a lot of amazing content and connect with other Passionistas. And then poke around the site and see what your free membership has to offer.

And if you like what you see, you can UPGRADE TO THE PASSIONISTAS PREMIUM ALL ACCESS membership as a FOUNDING MEMBER for just $25/month (a three-month commitment billed quarterly at $75) or $250 for an annual membership.

That's a 50% SAVINGS off membership that will grandmother you in at this rate FOR AS LONG AS YOU KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT CURRENT.

The Passionistas Premium All Access Membership upgrade will increase to $49/month after the first 100 women upgrade. So don't miss out on exclusive access to classes, interviews, networking and more.

Use the code FOUNDING50 to receive 50% OFF your Passionistas Premium All Access Membership

"Light the sparklers, Crash the cymbals

Blow the bugle, It's today!"


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