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Shop Women-Owned This Holiday

As we prepare our gift list this season we want to spread some holiday cheer by supporting women who are working hard to follow their passions.

Here’s some good news. There are 12.4 million women-owned businesses in the US. 40% of all US businesses are women-owned. Women are opening new businesses every day. In fact, there are 114% more female entrepreneurs today than there were 20 years ago.

But here’s the bad news. It’s not enough. 62% of female entrepreneurs say that their business is their primary source of income, yet they ask for $35,000 less in business financing than men.

Only 25% of women business owners seek business financing and only 7% of all venture funds for startups go to women. Yes. You read that right. We own 40% of the companies, yet only 7% of venture capital goes to women.

So, it’s more important now than ever before to support women-owned businesses. With that in mind, while you’re making your holiday lists this week, remember there are 12.4 million of them to choose from. Here are a few gift ideas for everyone on your list from some of our favorite Passionistas.

For the Fitness Fanatic

Owner: Geri McNeice

Did you know hooping is a new fitness craze? Yes, that’s right, hula hooping! If you have a friend who wants to join in on the fun consider a Snap-n-gO™ hoop. This handmade, custom-fit, slightly weighted fitness and dance hoop breaks down into segments, providing versatility in sizing and flexibility for travel. Each hoop is handmade by Geri and wrapped completely with tape in your choice of colors. The purchase also includes a sizing consultation and online training.

Owner: Daina Trout

For the Kombucha fan on your list, Health-Ade festive version of the probiotic beverage is a seasonal brew that perfectly blends notes of ginger, cloves, allspice and chocolate. It’s the perfect way to spread cheer AND it’s wholesome, natural and a contributor to feeling good.

For the Book Lover

Artisan: Pamela Skjolsvik

Here’s a unique, artisanal present for the book lover or writer on your list. This adorable tiny book ornament is handmade using upcycled materials by two established Texas artists — Pamela Skjolsvik and her husband Erik. A portion of every sale goes to the ASPCA.

For the Peace Makers

Artist: Lin Evola

These one of a kind pieces of art are 4” x 4”, graphite on paper, created between 2017 and 2019. The sales of these drawings support the Peace Angels Project to get guns and other weapons off the streets, transforming them into life affirming beauty.

For the Budding Chef

Owner: Natasha Case

The Coolhaus Ice Cream Book is the next best thing to being at a CoolHaus Scoop Shop. Make your favorite Coolhaus sammies at home. Flavors range from classic (Cookies and Sweet Cream), to boozy (Bourbon Manhattan), to vegan (Lychee Martini), and even savory (Fried Chicken and Waffle).

Owner: Nan Kohler

Grist and Toll is Los Angeles’ only urban flour mill, specializing in bringing you the finest quality, hand-milled flour from locally sourced grains. This gift box includes everything to get a new sourdough bread baker up and running: One bag each of Grist and Toll's strongest whole grain bread flours — hard red and hard white — plus a proofing Banneton, flour sack towel and some of Grist and Toll's dehydrated starter. The kit includes instructions for reviving and feeding the starter, plus the G&T whole grain sourdough bread formula.

Owner: Clémence Gossett

The LA-area baker or cook on your list would be thrilled to get a class at The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories. All cooking classes are for any level and allow you to learn basic techniques or improve your existing skills. In the baking classes you’ll learn the science behind baking as they specialize in educating you about the grain and chocolate movements. Here's a sampling of available classes: Brioche and Babka, Doughnuts and Fritters, Flourless Cakes, Rustic French Desserts, Hawaiian Surf and Turf, Jamabalaya, Whiskey Club Dinner, Soba Noodle, Thai Street Food, Lunch in Provence, Neapolitan Pizza, Spanish Tapas and Tuscan Feast.

For the Comfort Seeker

Artisan: Lisa Harrington

In the thick of winter, it's important to make a pledge to protect yourself from the elements but it's also nice to stay productive. These handcrafted mitts by fiber artist Lisa Harrington of LMH Artisan will warm you up while allowing you to navigate through your day. A portion of all sales will go to Project U First, delivering hygiene kits to the homeless in Atlanta.

Owner: Sashee Chandran

Sashee Chandran, the founder of Tea Drops in 2015 devised a method to create organic, finely ground, loose leaf tea compressed into whimsical shapes and convenient sprinkles. When dropped into hot water, the bagless tea dissolves, transforming into the perfect cup every time.

This classic tea gift assortment features the most popular Tea Drops flavors and comes in a keepsake wooden box featuring two drops each of: Citrus Ginger, Matcha, Sweet Peppermint and Rose Earl Grey. That's right, eight servings of lightly sweetened delicious pressed-leaf, uber-convenient tea.

For the Music Lover

Author: Holly George Warren

Two-time Grammy-nominated author Holly George Warren has written the definitive biography of music icon Janis Joplin. The portrait of the singer-songwriter is based on unprecedented access to Janis’ family, friends and long lost interviews with the groundbreaking female artist. This biography establishes the Queen of Rock & Roll as the rule-breaking musical trailblazer and complicated, gender-bending rebel she was.

Director: Beth Harrington

The Winding Stream, by Grammy-nominated filmmaker Beth Harrington, tells the story of the original Carter Family and the mark they made on the history of American music. The documentary follows their career and legacy as it moves through several generations of musicians, both inside their family and without including rare footage of June Carter and the Carter Sisters and an interview with Johnny Cash. The saga is punctuated with studio performances by celebrated roots music practitioners like Johnny and June Carter Cash, George Jones, Rosanne Cash, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristofferson and others.

BONUS: Don’t Forget Yourself

Owner: Melody Godfred

While you’re out running around shopping for friends and family, don’t forget yourself. Women in 40+ countries around the world have joined Melody in making a pinky promise to choose themselves each and every day. If you’re ready to make yourself a priority and to do the daily work it takes to make self-love and care a habit instead of a luxury, the Self Love Pinky Ring will be a reminder and symbol of this commitment.


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