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Pop Culture Bucket List: Dog Yoga with nSync's Lance Bass

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Natural Balance

Okay, we admit it. When we made up our original Pop Culture Bucket List, doing dog yoga (or “doga” as they call it) wasn’t really on the list. But only because we didn’t know it was a thing. A few weeks ago we got a press invite to bring our dog for a morning of “Yoga. Puppies. Brunch.” with special guest nSync’s Lance Bass. How could we say no to that? So we packed up our pug dog Angus and headed down to the yoga studio in Hollywood. Lance and his husband Michael Turchin soon arrived with their pups Chip and Dale and we all selected a Yoga mat. We swear to god we did not purposefully pick the mat that would be in direct camera line when they photographed Lance. Angus wasn’t really in the zen mood so he mostly wandered around and licked people’s toes (including Lance’s). But we did get a little yoga in and by the end our pug was sound asleep and snoring while everyone else was finishing their cool down moves. Seems like doga did the trick. We asked Lance what he thought of the experience and he said, “I loved doing doga and I would love to do it again. It is a great bonding experience to do with your puppies!” Chip and Dale also seemed to enjoy doga, but that’s not surprising since they are very active dogs. Lance explained, “We love hiking, going to parks and we give them lots of puzzle mazes to feed them. They have to figure it out to keep their brain active. We feed them the new Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® High Protein formula so they get the right amount of protein for their active lifestyles.” In case you haven’t figured it out, Chip and Dale are spokesdogs for Natural Balance dog food. But this is not false advertising. Angus loved the sample packs they gave us at doga and is now a L.I.D. superfan. It was a fun day filled with yoga, puppies and brunch as promised. Everyone left with a grin from ear to ear, which is Lance’s mission in life. He stated, “I love being able to work on things every day that make people happy and entertain them. To make them smile. It’s a great feeling!”

Doga with nSync's Lance Bass: Check!

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