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2016 Emmy Highlights with the Passionistas

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

Christmas came early again for the Pop Culture Passionistas courtesy of the Archive of American Television. For the seventh year and counting we helped them cover the red carpet and the pressroom at the Primetime and Creative Arts Emmys. Two weekends in a row of pure pop culture bliss.

We couldn't possibly cover it all in one blog, so we wrote just a few highlights below. To see the red carpet interviews we conducted on behalf of the Archive, visit their YouTube channel and read more highlights in our guest blog at

Martin Mull

The Creative Arts Emmys mostly honor the people behind the camera and the red carpet is a little more low key than the Primetime Emmys. They do, however, sprinkle in a few familiar faces by awarding the statues for guest actors and actresses. Once we got the list of nominees, we set our sights on the one person we have admired for most of our lives — Martin Mull. As the day progressed and the carpet got more hectic, there he was, making his way down the press line. Next thing we knew, he was right in front of us. His interview was thoughtful and kind, as was the man, and he had very warm and generous things to say about his co-stars on Veep.

Later that night, we encountered Mr. Mull again at the Governor’s Ball. This time we approached his table, unsure if we would disturb him. He welcomed us, stood up to speak to us, remembering us from earlier that day and graciously offered to pose for a photo. We recounted to him the many nights we would spend at the top of the stairs listening to Fernwood Tonight as our older sister, who was allowed to stay up later than us, watched on the TV below. We were so glad to get the chance to thank him for entertaining us. Take out that Pop Culture Bucket List. Martin Mull. Check.

Carol Kane

One show we didn’t have to sneak downstairs to watch was Taxi, which featured Carol Kane as Simka, Latka’s girlfriend. From that show on, we were fans of just about everything Kane did. But our hands down favorite movie of hers is Scrooged and her wickedly sadistic Ghost of Christmas Present. So we were thrilled as she approached us on the red carpet. She was extremely charming as we strained to hear that signature tiny, squeaky voice speaking graciously about her fellow Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt co-stars. She also had some pearls of wisdom about having a career in entertainment, saying, “Be as flexible as possible and be open to everything. You never know what life has in store for you. Say 'yes,' as much you can.”

John Travolta

One of our other favorite series growing up was Welcome Back, Kotter. Like so many young girls in the ‘70s, we couldn’t help but have a little crush on Vinnie Barbarino. And when John Travolta took his thick black hair and pouty lips from the Sweathogs’ classroom to a plastic bubble, we were all in. Still we’re grown women now and we’ve seen lots of celebrities on the red carpet, so we didn’t think being in the same room with Danny Zuko from Grease would make our hearts flutter. Yet, the little girl in both of us came out again when we saw John Travolta in the pressroom after his win as a producer on The People v. O.J. Simpson. The best part? When we asked him a question he did not clutch his head and say, “I am so confused.”

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