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Want to Collab with Us?

Want to collab? It’s what all the kids are doing these days!

We posted about doing Instagram Collabs in the community recently and everyone seemed really into the idea. It’s just one more way for women to support women. So, we thought we’d put it out here to everyone.

We are ready and willing to collaborate with all of you and we encourage you to collaborate with each other.

If you haven’t done an Instagram Collab yet, it’s super easy. Once your post is ready to go, hit the “TAG PEOPLE” button and then hit “INVITE COLLABORATOR.” Search for the person who has agreed to collaborate and invite them. They will get a notification. When they accept the invite, the post will show up on both feeds immediately increasing your exposure!

These collaborations have emerged as a game-changer — fostering connections, creativity, and community like never before. They provide you with a seamless way to team up, co-create content and reach wider audiences.

Here’s why:

1. Amplify Reach: Collaboration on Instagram isn't just about doubling your efforts, it's about exponential growth. By teaming up with other Passionistas, you can tap into their audience and vice versa, reaching new followers who share similar interests. You'll introduce your content to a whole new community while adding value to your collaborator's feed.

2. Foster Creativity: Take the collaboration beyond just sharing posts. Work together to create content. Collaboration sparks creativity by bringing together diverse perspectives, skills and ideas. Whether it's a photo shoot, a product review or a DIY tutorial, working with others can breathe new life into your content, inspiring fresh approaches and innovative concepts. Plus, bouncing ideas off each other can lead to unexpected projects you never would've imagined on your own.

3. Build Community: We are a sisterhood, after all, and collaboration strengthens these bonds by fostering relationships with other Passionistas and engaging with your audience in meaningful ways. You’re not just creating content, you're building a network of support, inspiration and camaraderie. Collaboration cultivates a sense of belonging that transcends likes and follows. Together, we can create, inspire and elevate each other to new heights.

If you want to collab with us, DM us in the sisterhood or on Instagram and let’s set it up!

And if you want to collab with other Passionistas post about your collab opportunity the IG COLLABORATIONS SPACE in the sisterhood.

Dive into the world of collaboration and unlock the endless possibilities waiting. Remember: together, we're stronger!


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