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Expert Tips to Bring Love Back Into Your Life

We are very lucky to have never gone through a divorce, although we have lived through them with close family and friends. And we have all certainly gone through some kind of heartbreak in our lifetimes. Are you looking for a way to heal from a break-up, invest in yourself, bring love back into your life?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, don’t miss our chat tomorrow — Love, Relationships & a New You with Vee Christian.

All Passionistas Premium All Access members are welcome to come by, leave any questions you have for Vee in the chat during the interview and we'll do our best to get them answered.

Vee has been coaching for 14 years. It all started with her own journey after her divorce. Healing from her disastrous marriage then divorce were easier said than done. Being married to a narcissist for 12 years almost wrecked her own mental health. She's always had a Secure Attachment Style until the toxic marriage robbed her of her core beliefs. 

She finally decided to invest in herself so that she could freely choose to love again. She fought like hell to go from having an Avoidant Attachment to back to Secure. Being an Avoidant caused her to become a serial dater who ran away from any type of intimacy.

Once she healed; love easily came back into her life.  Now, she is able to coach many other women (and men) just like her to heal their love wounds to find love again. 

There are four ways to access the interview: 

1. ATTEND LIVE. Passionistas Premium All Access members can tune in live (two weeks before the episode is released on other platforms) and ask questions of our guest in the chat.

2. PASSIONISTAS TV. Watch a commercial free replay of the video on "Passionistas TV" — exclusive to Passionistas Premium All Access members only.

3. LISTEN ON THE RADIO. Tune in to the Go Confidently Block of 360 Talk Radio for Women every Tuesday to hear the audio of the interview — two weeks after we record it live.

4. DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO PODCAST. We release a new episode every Wednesday wherever you get your podcasts — two weeks after we record it live.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from Vee on Wednesday, February 14 at Noon PT.

You'll need to be a PASSIONISTAS PREMIUM ALL ACCESS MEMBER to join us for the live interview. FOUNDING MEMBERSHIPS are just $25/month (a three-month commitment billed quarterly at $75) or $250 for an annual membership. This fee will increase to $49/month after the first 100 women upgrade. So DON'T MISS OUT on exclusive access to classes, interviews, networking and more. Use the code FOUNDING50 to receive your discount.

Not sure you're ready? Sign up for FREE membership to access a lot of amazing content and connect with other Passionistas.


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