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Devin Graham Transforms Commuters Into ‘Kidults’

Just imagine it. You’re hustling to work in the middle of the morning rush hour. All the problems of the day are weighing on your mind. You missed your regular train and you’re running late for the big meeting. Would you take a moment to de-stress and engage in a little playtime? That’s the question that Devin Graham and Frosted Mini-Wheats wanted to ask. So, they constructed an experiment in the heart of Chicago to find out if anyone would get in on the action.

As Devin noted in a recent one-on-one interview, “There’s this term for adults who embrace their grown-up responsibilities but don’t take themselves too seriously — putting playful twists on everyday activities and responsibilities. Frosted Mini-Wheats and I call them ‘Kidults.’ I believe that most adults never really stop being a kid, they just don’t always show it like I do… So, I wanted to put this theory to the test by giving the adults of Chicago the chance to let their inner kid out and see if given the opportunity, they would choose to do so.”

Devin was a logical partner for the shredded cereal makers when they decided to create the unique social experiment to prove the hypothesis. After all, Graham started shredding at an early age himself. A stunt snowboarder as a kid, Devin focused on his passion for moviemaking after an accident on the slopes. He attended Brigham Young University film school with his eyes set on the silver screen. But he soon turned his attention to YouTube because he liked being able to make an instant connection to an audience.

Anyone who tunes in to his channel on the video sharing website will see super-slick shorts that Devin produces of himself and fellow adventurers careening down the world’s fastest zip line in Gravity Canyon and making jaw-dropping leaps while cliff jumping in Capri, Italy. The stunts are so spectacular and filmed so beautifully that Devin has amassed a following of over 3.7 million subscribers to Devin Super Tramp.

It’s clear that Devin has no problem letting loose. “It just so happens that being a ‘Kidult’ is basically in my job description,” he acknowledged. So, he recently set out to prove that there were other joy-seekers just like him in the Chitown. Of course, he wasn’t going to ask a bunch of businesspeople in the Windy City to repel from Willis Tower or go wakeboarding in Lake Michigan. Instead, he took a more playful approach.

“With the help of Frosted Mini-Wheats, Team Supertramp and I developed a social experiment on the bustling streets of Chicago to see, if when faced with an unexpected, exciting twist to their morning, adults would participate,” Devin explained. “Research shows that adults are looking to add a little and excitement to their days, so we decided to take over a popular commuter staircase in the middle of downtown Chicago, transforming half into a 40 ft. slide and ball-pit. Then, we challenged adults on their way to work to embrace their inner kid by choosing slide over stairs.”

The results might surprise the more conservative minded, but not Devin. “During the four-hour experiment, 50% percent of commuters took the slide, proving that when faced with the opportunity to embrace their kid side – adults are ready to do it.”

It was an outcome that made his pleased him to no end. “I was stoked to see their reactions when given the opportunity to shake up their morning routine.” Watch the video below to live vicariously through those who were bold enough to take a break from the rat race and be inspired to allow yourself a tiny diversion in your own day.

To see more of Devin Graham’s exploits visit his YouTube channel.

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