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Tony Robbins on Getting Through Tough Financial Times

Tony Robbins has been doling out advice to self-helpers for almost three decades. He has traveled the world giving workshops, motivating people and encouraging them to walk on fire, literally and figuratively. During an interview backstage at Oprah Winfrey’s Lifeclass, Robbins discussed his philosophies on getting through tough times. Robbins Talked About the Economic Winter Robbins compared the stages and occurrences in our lives to the natural progression of time. He stated, "We're in a winter financially in this country." But he reminded people, "No season ever lasts forever. Winter's not forever. We're seeing everyday new information coming out saying that the economy's getting better." But he warned that people shouldn't just wait for the season to change. "Any intelligent person isn't going to just be positive. I believe in being smart. Being smart means you need to anticipate what's coming." He compared this lesson to playing a video game with a young kid. Of course the kid is going to win because they've played the game over and over. They know where the bad guys are and how to avoid the pitfalls. He said, "You go out there in a different stage of life; you have no idea what's happening and you're dead in a few moments because you're reacting. In order to not just be effective in your life, you have to anticipate what's coming." He also encouraged people to take advantage of the season they are in to prepare for the next one. "Every season has a great benefit... People need to prepare themselves and say, 'How do I educate myself to take advantage of those times? How do I do well in difficult times?'" He said the same is true no matter what the situation, whether it be economics, relationships, work, or health. He advised, "Know that no matter how difficult the situation is, it won't last forever. What follows the night is the day. What follows the winter is the springtime. What you want to be doing is doing what's necessary to prepare yourself so you can take advantage of the next step." Tony Robbins Has Adjusted His Beliefs Robbins also reflected that he used to believe, "For things to change, you've got to change," but he admitted that he does not agree with that statement anymore. He stated, "You don't have to work on change. Change is automatic. Progress is not. Your body's going to change whether you want it to or not over the years. Your relationships are going to change. The economy's going to change. But whether or not that change is progress for you is going to develop in your consciousness. What are you going to do? How are you going to direct yourself? What are you going to give? How are you going to contribute? How are you going to prepare?" He summed it up with one basic message, "Know what season you're in. You don't have to live in fear. No matter how difficult it may be, this too shall pass. But don't wait for it to pass. Change is going to happen. Don't wait for the change. Anticipate it so you can turn it into progress and constantly get better." To learn more about Tony Robbins visit his official website.

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