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Jess Phoenix: I'm a Curiosity Passionista

Congressional Candidate, Volcano Scientist and Founder of Blueprint Earth, Jess Phoenix

While searching for ideal women to interview for The Passionistas Project Podcast, we feel fortunate when we find someone who is completely fired up about what they do. But with Jess Phoenix, we hit the jackpot. Not only is she a successful volcano scientist and founder of the non-profit Blueprint Earth but this year she decided to throw her hat in the ring and run for Congress. Three passions rolled up into one inspiring Passionista. We visited Jess at her campaign headquarters in Palmdale, California, where she talked about her career as a volcanologist, inspiring young scientific minds through her organization and her decision to enter the dog-eat-dog world of politics. She explained that all of these pursuits have been fueled by one simple thing — an insatiable curiosity. Jess grew up with parents who were both in the FBI. Her mother focused on terrorism and can still often be seen on news programs lending her expertise to discussions about the subject. But despite their busy careers they always nurtured Jess’ interest in science. A true adventurer at heart, Jess has studied volcanoes at the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, explored underwater fauna aboard a submarine and McGyvered her way out a remote area in Australia with a little bubble gum and ingenuity. Congress should be a piece of cake. To hear our whole interview with Jess check out our Podcast. And be sure to subscribe on iTunes or GooglePlay to The Passionistas Project Podcast to hear interviews with all our Passionistas. Learn more about Jess' campaign on her website.

And if you live in or know anyone in California’s 25th District, please ask them to get out the vote for Jess on June 5. We need more women like her in D.C.

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