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Welcome to the Passionistas Project Virtual Marketplace, the virtual vendor experience that is part of
the Passionistas Project Women's Equality Summit.
Please take some time to browse through the listings of

service providers who are taking part in the marketplace this weekend. Click on each link to get  MORE INFO.


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Discover the familiar in new ways with Stacey, your Chocolate Adventure Mentor. This Fall, go on a sensory adventure a favorite in new ways. Join me as we explore chocolate paired with a variety of beverages to uncover your magical
1 + 1 = 3! 
The Chocolate Pairing Adventure Series consists of five pairings, one topic each month. The events will be held over Zoom. Learn more at

SPECIAL OFFER FOR PASSIONISTAS PROJECT WOMEN’S EQUALITY SUMMIT MEMBERS:  Buy one class or series package, and your friend may join you for free!  


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Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj - Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj.jpg

Astarta Wellbeing Academy as part of Astarta NGO honors an integral approach to life. Combining science and ancient wisdom, Astarta is a place where urban living utilizes traditional concepts. Providing tailor-made, online, and offline counseling, coaching, and education, we serve your personal and spiritual growth needs in different periods of life. Package of three 1-on-1 in-depth sessions to face, understand and conquer the actual turning points in this given period of your life. Enter the PASSIONISTA code in your free Joy&Clarity session booking for the 30% discount"

Also, download the PDF, Overcoming Challenges MY WAY by Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj.

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DANICA IVANOVSKA LEPOJEVIKJ is Integral Growth Mentor and Holistic Birth&Motherhood Mentor from Macedonia. She guides multi-passionate individuals to overcome every personal, professional and spiritual challenge without giving away their power. Her personal “passion project” is supporting pregnant women and new mothers to conquer any emotional doubts, institutional obstacles and social pressure. Over her 20-year career, she integrates her vast knowledge in different disciplines - as psychologist, integral yoga teacher, doula, breastfeeding counselor, poet and qualitative research specialist - to provide a spherical approach to personal development.


Adrienne Obey - ADRIENNE OBEY GREENSCREEN BIO Pic 2_edited.jpg

I do Western Astrological Readings. These readings are based on Western Astrology, Numerology, Sabian Symbols and Degree Based Astrology, as well as some forms of Eastern and/or Chinese Astrology. Enter LOYAL at Checkout to receive an instant 25% off your entire order 

ADRIENNE OBEY  is the creator of Astrology a Look Inside, Get Me a Real Job, Get Me a Real Career and Fiercefinefab websites. She is a YouTube Personality, Card Reader, Spiritual Coach, Sacred Soul Light Healer and Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner. A coach, a healer, speaker, author, podcaster, business owner and a Western Intuitive Astrologer with more than 40 years experience. Adrienne resides in Seattle and dedicates her life to helping others.

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is an award-winning teacher of financial education and is quickly becoming America’s favorite, personal finance expert. She has made it her mission to empower women and provide them with access to the tools and resources needed to create a better life for themselves and their families.

The Budgetnista  is

dedicated to making life-changing financial education accessible to women worldwide. 

Tiffany has created a financial movement that has helped over 800,000 women worldwide collectively save more than $100 million, and pay off over $75 million in debt, purchase homes and transform the way they think about their finances. To further her mission Tiffany has created and teaches numerous free, financial classes both online and in person. Her signature course is her annual, Live Richer Challenge and is now in its 6th year.

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Suzanne Carpenter is an approachable, sincere, fun-loving and passionate leader who loves to inspire personal improvement and transformation in those she teaches. Through her successful 10-year nutrition career, Suzanne saw a gap in the industry and a trend in society. Americans are more confused and overwhelmed than ever when it comes to actually losing weight and keeping it off.  She created a virtual nutrition education company called CarpenterOne80 whose mission is to provide affordable and simple programs that can clear up food confusion so that people can win at losing weight.  

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SUZANNE CARPENTER is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, the CEO and Founder of CarpenterOne80, as well as the creator of SOS (Suz On Your Shoulder), Babysit My Plate and The Food Peace University, three different virtual bite-sized nutrition courses. They were designed to teach you what you need to know to create sustainable results. 


DIA BONDI  has coached world leaders, CEOs, innovators and ambitious professionals and led workshops at high profile corporations including Quartz, Twitter and Nabisco. She helped Rio secure the 2016 Summer Olympics and has been on some impressive stages, including the 2018 3% Conference and Pandora’s Women in Technology Summit.

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There are moments in our careers when our impact matters more: that upcoming pitch; that stage moment you or your team has been waiting for; that one big negotiation that can change everything; the new challenge that demands a stronger voice. It’s easy to just play a role in these situations- to shadow your true self. But the thing you hide is the very thing everyone wants from you — and often, the very thing you want from yourself. When you choose to be open and genuine and speak from who you truly are, you are powerful. Together, we’ll discover your unique truth as a platform for your voice and leadership so you can find your courage, gain a sense of control and have the impact you want when it matters most.



IFundWomen is the go-to marketplace for women-owned businesses and the people who want to fund them. We offer immediate access to capital through a premium online fundraising experience, access to small business grants from corporate partners, expert business coaching on all the topics entrepreneurs need to know about, and a network of women business owners that sparks confidence, accelerates knowledge and ignites action.


OLIVIA OWENS  is the Creator & General Manager of IFundWomen of Color, the platform for women of color to raise capital through crowdfunding, grants, coaching and the connections needed to launch and grow successful businesses. Olivia was a founding team member of IFundWomen and managed Business Development and Partnerships.
Before launching IFundWomen of Color, Olivia’s leadership brokered critical partnerships to help scale the business (GirlBoss, Adidas, Visa).

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Lynn McLaughlin SQUARE - Profile Photo McLaughlin.png

Check out Lynn's Amazon Author’s page in the United States with the two books she has published: Steering Through It and Jackson.

LYNN McLAUGHLIN  is a 31+ year educator. She achieved her career goal, serving as one of eight members of a senior executive team for an employer of over 5,000 people. Lynn has hosted over 80 episodes of the powerful podcast, “Taking the Helm,” sharing the voices of inspiring game-changers. A professional speaker, award-winning and best-selling author, Lynn now guides aspiring authors to the celebration of their book launch day.

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Passionistas_PodcastHero_Credit-Reid Wat

Sisters Amy and Nancy Harrington have been inspired by the new women's movement and decided to use their skills as celebrity interviewers to work to tell a different kind of story. Where many podcasters reserve their airtime for the elite, Amy and Nancy are talking to amazing women you probably haven’t heard of, who are making a huge difference by following their passions. Amy and Nancy shine a light on the positive stories of women on The Passionistas Project Podcast.

Passionsitas_Boots_NoSIgns_Credit-Pupp E

AMY & NANCY HARRINGTON gave up successful careers in the entertainment business to follow their own passions. They understand the satisfaction that comes with following their hearts and thrive on creating a network for women who want to do the same. They founded The Passionistas Project Pack to support women-owned businesses. But they also want to show our subscribers that anything is possible through the examples set by the business owners and artisans who are featured in the box.

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kylee Stone - TPC_Black.jpg
kylee Stone - Kylee Stone Head Shot.jpg

The Performance Code is a coaching consultancy specialising in leadership transformation, resilience and wellbeing. We work with forward-thinking leaders on connecting with purpose and building brands that transform reality. 

KLYEE STONE is a descendant of the Karendali, Wakka Wakka and Kulluli First Nations with 25 years in the business of storytelling and an intrinsic talent in the power of personal stories to create meaningful connections. Certified in the neuroscience of resilience, Kylee’s mission is to disrupt the status quo on the traditional view of leadership and enable people with the courage to take action in direct accordance with their Vision, Values, Passion and Purpose.

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A step-by-step lifestyle program for women 50+ that are empty nesters to help you lose body fat

with Intermittent Fasting, get stronger with Pilates without your knees hurting or another diet. Let me show you how to boost your metabolism, get more energy, control your cravings and prioritize your health goals to look and feel better in your second half of life. Get a free 5 for 50 Kickstarter Guide For Women 50+: 

Jan Amtrup - 4 Week Special $20 discount.jpg
Jan Amtrup - Heike Yates-Headshot.png

HEIKE YATES Heike Yates is a fitness and nutrition expert and speaker, helping women worldwide to stay fit for over 30 years. Her fitness, nutrition and mindset programs help women 50+, who are empty nesters, burn fat with Intermittent Fasting, get lean and strong with Pilates and prioritize their health to look and feel better. Heike is the host of the Pursue Your Spark podcast and the creator of the 4 Week Lean Out Program.


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Gabrielle Claiborne - NEW TAG TJWW LOGO PRINT Square.png
Gabrielle Claiborne - Gabrielle large jpg-8052.jpg

Transformation Journeys Worldwide is a cutting-edge transgender-focused inclusion training and consulting firm. Our passion is teaching businesses, religious and civic organizations, schools, educational institutions, healthcare providers and municipalities what they need to know to create an environment of belonging for transgender, gender nonconforming and non-binary patients, customers, colleagues, congregants and kids. At Transformation Journeys Worldwide we believe that, when all people are respected and empowered, we all win--and our world becomes a better place.

GABRIELLE CLAIBORNE,  honored by the US Small Business Administration and recognized in Forbes, is a dynamic TEDx speaker, author of Embrace Your Truth: A Journey of Authenticity, and co-founder of Transformation Journeys Worldwide. From her own journey as a successful transgender woman, she inspires audiences with actionable steps for moving more fully into their own unique truths and living their most authentic lives — for their own well-being and the healing of our world.

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Kirsten Barrie - Verte Consulting Acctng for Women.jpg
Kirsten Barrie - Kirsten_72dpi.jpg

KIRSTEN BARRIE's  Verte Consulting offers outsourced CFO services to woman-owned and co-owned professional service companies, with the objective to increase financial literacy and profits. Kirsten and her team have been coaching businesses to improve their viability for 16 years.

Verte Consulting offers outsourced CFO services that include bookkeeping, tax prep & filings, bi-weekly coaching sessions, budgeting/forecasting, and monthly reports. Each one of our

clients increases their profitability and growth as a result of fiscal organization. (They also report sleeping better at night!) We specialize in working with professional service companies but do

offer project-based services for other industries. Please contact us for a free one-hour consultation and diagnostic meeting so that we can discuss your specific needs.

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CinDiLo Headshot.jpg

CinDiLo  feels midlife at 50 was just about right for her. After 25 years in law and academia assisting women during life transitions such as divorce and re-entering the workforce, she created her own second-act of writing and workshops for fellow Generation-X women seeking to live their (mid)life with purpose and clarity through Her inspirational and motivational guided journal with her original quotes and affirmations is available now on Amazon. 

Always a late bloomer, CinDiLo feels midlife at 50 was just about right for her. After 25 years in law and academia assisting women during life transitions such as divorce and re-entering the workforce, she created her own second-act of writing and workshops for fellow Generation-X women seeking to live their (mid)life with purpose. Stop by
the blog for the release date of her interactive quote journal that’s bound to cultivate your midlife awakening.

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The Virtual Lobby will be open throughout the weekend for FREE.
Please support these women-owned businesses

and women-focused charities while you wait for the events to begin. 



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