Pep Talk Nifty Notes by Emily McDowell & Friends

A portion of the proceeds benefit California Women's List


No one likes to be bummed out but everybody drags from time to time — and that's why we wanted to give you a little pep talk. Persist through the difficult moments with this paper picker-upper — good cheer guaranteed.


EMILY McDOWELL is a writer, illustrator, speaker, teacher and entrepreneur who is fiercely committed to not doing all of those things at the same time. After spending a decade working in advertising, she founded Emily McDowell Studio in January 2013. Emily started Emily McDowell & Friends in 2011, as an Etsy shop that sold print illustrations. It began as a side project while she worked as a creative director and advertising writer. She used her design and writing skills to expand beyond her print business to include greeting cards for the relationships we really have — these are not your grandmother's Hallmark cards. After one of her cards went viral, she knew she had tapped into something special. Now her product lines include mugs, tote bags and journals and are sold through online retail and wholesale sales to almost 2,000 retailers.

Pep Talk Note Pads by Emily McDowell& Friends