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Earn a 20% recurring fee for

every member you bring to

the Passionistas sisterhood.

We believe that when we thrive, you should thrive, too.



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to sign up for our


to get your unique referral link.

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Classmates in the Library

Use the content we'll provide to


The Passionistas Project sisterhood

to everyone you know.


Earn a 20% COMMISSION on all annual and monthly subscribers you bring into the community using your affiliate link for

the lifetime of that membership.

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Why Become a Passionistas Affiliate?

We know that as women, we are stronger together. And we believe that when we thrive, you should strive, too. We've built our community on word of mouth, so we want to reward the women who are out there sharing our story. So we've created The Passionistas Project affiliate program, so that you benefit from the referrals you make. 

Who Should Become a Passionistas Affiliate?

Are you getting value from being a Passionista? Is your audience made up of women who are doing it alone, looking for support longing to transform their lives and the world around them? Then you are the perfect affiliate partner. Tell your audience about the sisterhood and earn a 20% recurring commission for every member who signs up using your link for as long as they are a paid member of the community.

90-day Link Cookie
Your referrals may not join the sisterhood immediately after clicking your link. But your link’s referral cookie gives them 90-days to take that first step. You get the credit if someone clicks your link and signs up within 90 days.

How Do I Promote the Passionistas Project Sisterhood?
We do everything we can to help you spread the word about The Passionistas Project. Once you're signed up for the program, we will provide you with promotional assets to use to help tell your audience about the sisterhood. And if you don't see what you're looking for, reach out to us and we'll get you the resources you need.


How will I know if my application has been accepted? Our team will carefully review your application within seven business days of receipt. We’ll send an email confirming your acceptance and some steps to get started. 

What happens after I am accepted into the program? You'll have access to our third-party affiliate software where you can grab your unique affiliate link and manage your referral links. Then start promoting the sisterhood. Every time you promote the community, be sure to include your unique link. You will earn commission every time your unique link is used to purchase a Passionistas Premium All Access membership — even if the member does not sign up right away. If your referral visits our community any time within the 90 days and signs up, you’ll be credited as the referral.

What is the affiliate fee structure?You will receive a 20% commission on all members who sign up for a Passionistas Premium All Access membership using your unique affiliate link. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

How do I promote The Passionistas Project? You can promote The Passionistas Project to your audience according to your existing channels including your mailing list, your podcast, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc), your website, your blog, your communities (in-person and online) and your friends and family.

How does payment work? Payments are made every month for the previous month’s earnings. For example, if you generate $100 in earnings in April, your payment will be made in May. Please note, if the free trials have not been completed, then payment will be made the month after they are completed. For example, if you sign up 3 free trials on April 29th, those will be considered “earnings” in May and be paid in June.

How much do I get paid? You will earn a 20% recurring commission on any member who signs up for a Passionistas Premium All Access membership using your unique affiliate link for as long as your referral is a paying Passionistas member. 


When do I get paid? You start earning once your referral becomes a paying member of the sisterhood. If your referral signs up for a 14-day free trial, you will start earning commissions after 15 days.


How are my referrals tracked? Everyone that visits The Passionistas Project sisterhood through your unique affiliate link is tracked by a browser cookie that lasts 90 days. If they visit our community any time within the 90 days and sign up for a Passionistas Premium All Access membership, you’ll be credited as the referal. If they click the referral link again, the 90 days restarts. Be sure your referrals use your unique link so that you get credited properly.


What information can I track about referrals? MiraClick is the affiliate platform we use to run The Passionistas Project affiliate program. You can visit your dashboard on MiraClick to access your links, referral activity and your payouts.

What happens when my referral doesn't use my link? If your referral doesn’t use your link, we can’t track that referral for you and you won’t get properly credited. Be sure that your referral uses your unique link so that you will be credited for the membership.


We can't wait to collaborate with you!
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