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Kim Roxie Is Bringing Love and Kindness to Makeup

We first met Kim Roxie, founder of LAMIK Beauty, when she participated in a panel at the Power of Passionistas Summit in 2020. We were instantly drawn to her company's mission to create a clean cosmetics line for women of color, women who historically have been marketed more toxic makeup options than their counterparts since the launch of LAMIK 2.0.

In 2020, Kim has turned her own struggle with hair loss into the one, one of the most impactful beauty lines on the. And she continues to break new ground with LAMIK, including becoming the first black owned clean makeup brand to launch on Most importantly, Kim has built a company that embraces two core cultures — to be kind to people and to be kind to the planet.

LAMIK supports and celebrates women in all of their glory. Kim is building an inclusive community for women across the country and is passionate about serving that community. And she's creating the highest quality products with the purest ingredients to promote the health of her customers and her community, all while being dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship.

Kim has been named one of the Houston Business Journals 40 Under 40 of the American Business Journals most influential young executives, and one of the 30 Black Stars by Face to Face Africa. The city of Houston, formally named June 23rd as Kim Roxie Day in her honor, and she received the Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award for community service. She is, without a doubt, a superstar, which is why it was our distinct honor to present the 2022 Passionistas Persist Nova Award to Kim Roxie.

Passionistas: What are you most passionate about?

Kim: At this point, to be honest, what I'm most passionate about is almost like a variable that's changing. What I'm most passionate about is enjoying every moment and getting others, encouraging others, to do the same.

That's what I'm really passionate about right now — soaking in every single moment and giving others the freedom and reminding them that they have the freedom to do the same. I'm always in a woman's ear. I'm always there for her. And right now, that's my most pertinent, passionate, message — to enjoy every moment.

Passionistas: Why have you decided that kindness is a cornerstone of your business?

Kim: I remember someone asking me what LAMIK stood for. I'll tell you, LAMIK actually was my name spelled backwards and the LA from my middle name. But I never had told anybody that. That's how I created the name and that's what I had.

But when someone asked me what LAMIK stood for in that moment, I said, Love And Makeup In Kindness. And so the first time somebody asked me what LAMIK me stood for, I could not say Kim backwards like that didn't even come out.

All the work I did to put into creating LAMIK, I was doing it beyond myself. If it was for me, I would've not done it. Like I would've stopped. Once the challenge comes up, I would've been like, “Mm, I'm good. Let me go do something else.”

But it wasn't about me and it's not about me. And so in that moment when someone asked me, What does LAMIK stand for? I said, Love And Makeup In Kindness. And I said, love and kindness is your true makeup because beauty is revealed and not applied.

I think that for me, growing up, makeup and all of that was associated with people, you had all these different stereotypes and connotations towards makeup. I didn't identify with some of those. I didn't feel like I was just this pretty girl wearing makeup. I didn't feel like I was fitting in those boxes that people had put.

And I was like, my love and my kindness, the way I am, the love I have for life and for people and for myself and for others, and the kindness that I show, that's what makes you beautiful That makes you walk away from a person and says, “Man, that's a beautiful.” Right after you talk to a person or after a person does a kind act, you're like, that is a beautiful person. Right? And so, I think that the beauty that is revealed is the beauty that's lasting.

Passionistas: What's your dream for women?

Kim: To know that we are. We are fill in the blank after that. We are the salt of the earth. We are the divine beings at birth life. Like we are.

I just want women to know that we are what we've been waiting for. We are the answer I want. I want women really to fill in that blank at the end. I do believe in self-advocacy. Cause I already know the promise that my daughter has on her lifestyle. I know she is. And when I think about women, I know that we are, for women it is a weak situation.

It is about us banding together. That's why I love the power grid of the Power Passionistas. But I think that it’s just that we get to fill in the blank. We are a chemist. We are owners of trash companies. We are beauty pioneers. We are that fill in the blank.

And I think that's what I want women to know. It is time for us to just show up and define what womanhood looks like and know that we are.

Learn more about LAMIK Beauty.

Hear Kim's full episode.


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