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Dr. Melissa Bird: I'm a Magical Passionista

Dr. Melissa Bird is a clairvoyant coach, author and fiery public speaker who has traveled around the world, talking to audiences at universities, conferences and churches. Her combination of education, real life experience and practical advice, makes her a powerful force of change in the lives of the people she speaks to. Past audience members have described her as fierce, revelatory, life-changing, enthusiastic and inspirational.

During our recent interview with Melissa we talked about her passion for harnessing the power of rebellion for good.

Passionistas: What's the one thing you're most passionate about?

Melissa: It's evolved over time. So, it used to be that I was the most passionate about helping women and girls use their voice. Like that was sort of the foundation from which I operated for a long time. And lately, like in the last two years, I think it's really turned into helping people really learn how to harness the power of their rebellion for good.

And really healing the shame and wounding we have around rebellious, honest, and helping people really identify what it is that they feel deeply passionate about so that they can go out and do that thing. And usually it is an act of rebellion to be able to go out and do that thing. Why is that so important and what exactly do you mean by.

Well, I think we get sent this very powerful message from internalized misogyny and externalized patriarchy that says, you know, if you speak out, if you have an opinion, that is different than what we think is appropriate, which is often steeped in white supremacy and racism, by the way. If you speak against anything that is outside of that normal, then you are a rebel.

And for so long, we have been taught that we're not allowed to say what's on our mind. And yet we all have a different opinion and we all have feelings and we all have things that are on our minds. And I think that it is time for us to just screw it, like forget about it. I just say it and I can easily say that from my little beautiful corner of the world.

And sometimes it's deadly for people to say that. And in fact, right before this, I was in a mastermind group with a bunch of other people that I'm participating in and I was sobbing and I was like, I am terrified to peel off this next layer of who I am and speak this truth about dismantling empire Christianity.

And here, I'm just going to come out on the podcast right now about dismantling empire Christianity as someone who believes deeply in God. And I preach at my Episcopal church. And thinking about how do we heal the pain of years of patriarchal internalized messaging? And how do we start to engage in absolute rebellion around those things so that it's no longer dangerous for everybody to speak because we're all speaking?

To learn more about her Misfit Magic Hour one-on-one coaching and masterclass series, visit

To hear Melissa’s full episode, click here.


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