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Angela Philip: I'm a Joyful Women's Leadership Passionista

Angela Philip is the founder of Queen of Possible. With a focus on women's leadership and personal transformation coaching, Angela’s clients reconnect with their creative energy and accomplish what's really important to them with greater power, joy and ease than they ever thought possible.

We spoke with Angela about her journey from her childhood in New Zealand

Passsionistas: What's the one thing you're most passionate about?

Angela: Women's leadership. You mentioned it so well in your intro, joy, creativity and passion. And so my joy, my creativity and my passion is having women in 50% of the leadership positions worldwide within the next 10 years. That's my big mission. And what's really important to that is also having it be with joy, passion, enthusiasm and creativity. What we want is for women to be standing in positions of power and standing in their power with all their joy and creativity.

Passsionistas: Why is this such an important mission to you?

Angela: It has been an important mission to me since I was young. I didn't voice it like that though.

When I was, you know, I used to read all these stories about, you know, women and men at the time of world leaders but I was really attracted by the women who had made a difference and. It just inspired me and I dreamed of being that woman one day. And so there's that, but also as I was growing up and with my parents, I sort of was always taught that I could do whatever I wanted.

And that's a very white privileged thing to say. And, you know, I didn't come from a privileged white family. I came from a normal or slightly under wealthy family, but what was most important was that I was learning that for myself. But also when I got to university, I really started studying these things.

And then I decided I wanted to work for UNESCO. And I'll do a big jump because what I recognized after working for UNESCO was that in 25 years, I mean that organization and many organizations do a lot of great work, but we're still talking about the same time. And we're still writing education programs so that women, you know, desensitize men as to why women and girls should be educated and I don't get it.

I don't even understand how 50% of the whole world's population is not counted as equal. So that’s why it's so important to me, just because, and also, you know, because I know what it feels like within yourself. You're standing in your own power as a leader. I think the world will be different when we have women and 50% of leadership positions and when they're standing as leaders in their families and not as less than, and when we're standing as leaders in community.

And so it's not about having to be at the top of, I mean, that will be included, but I'm talking about all levels, all strata standing as leaders and equal is vital, I think, to the wellbeing of the world we’re making.

Find out more about Angela visit her official website.

Listen to the full interview here.


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