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POP CULTURE BUCKET LIST: Have a Legend Fall in Love with You

By the time we got to the party at the Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday, September 12, after a long and fun night in the press room, we heard from friends that the line to say hello to Mel Brooks was too long to wait. So we decided just to zip by and take these not so stealthy photos instead.

After we went back and ate a most delicious dinner, we decided to do a spin around the party to gawk at all the famous people one last time. We ended up back by Mel Brooks and this time, the line had finally disappeared and he was sitting alone with a friend.

Let us say next that we NEVER approach famous people when they are sitting down at a dinner table. We usually keep our contact strictly to interviews. But something came over us and we just had to tell Mel how much we appreciated him. His friend was not only troubled to see us, he actually said, "Oh my God!" as we approached.

But Mel was gracious, stood up and very kindly accepted our simple comment, "We just wanted to say thank you." He smiled, shook Nancy's hand, and gave me a little hug before saying, "I think of all the people I've met tonight, I'm falling in love with you." Then he gave me a little peck on the cheek. A moment we will never forget with one of the greatest.

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