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Get seen by the Passionistas global community in our listing of

Women-Owned brands, services and nonprofits.

For just $19.99 a month or $190 a year (a 20% discount), you can get exposure to a

very loyal group of women who support women. Sign up now!

Click the link below to subscribe. 


• Link directly to your website, Etsy page or sales portal

• Directory Badge for your website

• Social Media assets for you to share

• The opportunity to sign up for promotional boosts 
• Become part of a growing community of women-entrepreneurs, artisans, thought leaders, coaches and more
• Access to the Passionistas Project community via our Facebook group, Linkedin Audio networking events and more. 



• We will need the following information to create your listing. Please email it to

  • Company/organization’s full name

  • Company/Organization Logo

  • A 20-word description of your company/organization (note, we may edit for space)

  • Your website URL

  • A headshot of your founder

  • If you are signing up for the Non-Profit listing, please provide proof of 501(c)(3) status

• All organizations must be owned by at least one self-identifying woman or non-binary person.

• For technical reasons, we must charge $1 to process your a Non-Profit order. 
• You are welcome to join on a month-to-month or annual basis. Annual members receive a 20% discounted rate with a 12-month commitment. We reserve the right to increase the fees at any time but an annual commitment locks in your rate for a 12-month period starting on your registration date. 
• Payments are due at time of registration. If for any reason, the Passionistas Project does not approve your participation in the directory, a full-refund will be given within 30-days of registration. 
• We do not charge any additional affiliate fees. All traffic is driven directly to your website, Etsy page or sales portal. 
• We do not guarantee any sales or traffic to your website, Etsy page or sales portal. 

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