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The Remaining Members of Team Pharrell Talk About Their Coach

The Voice, Pharell Williams

Photo by Trae Patton/NBC

Last week on The Voice, a member of Team Pharrell was the first to be sent home of the top 12. Mark Hood, who was saved the week before by Pharrell, did not earn enough audience votes and was eliminated after his Instant Save performance of “Signed, Sealed Delivered.” But the remaining two member of Team Pharrell — Madi Davis and Evan McKeel — are going strong and ready for more, fueled by the encouragement of their coach. At a recent press event, we asked them what they have learned from their mentor. Madi, replied, “He really wants every person that he meets to be themselves, the best version of themselves they can be… What I felt like I’ve learned from him the most is how to be myself in a way that helps me communicate with other people and also makes me proud to be myself. That’s what it’s about and he really wants us to look inside ourselves and see who we can be. The best lesson that Pharrell has given us is how to be the best versions of ourselves.” Her teammate Evan had a similar response. “Pharrell has taught me just to find my strengths and try and focus on those. I like to try a lot of different kinds of music. There’s not really one genre that I love to sing. I just love to sing… I like to experiment and change gears a lot, and that can be dangerous, especially on a show like this where people want to have consistency and they want you to have a niche.” He continued, “He’s been helping me sing a lot of different kinds of music but still have aspects of the performance and aspects of my singing that are the same… That helps me to be myself because I was afraid coming in that whatever coach I got with was going to make me pick one thing and stick with that. And that’s the reason I picked Pharrell, because I knew, just in asking me to sing a Stevie song after a current alternative rock song, I knew he got that I wanted to go the chameleon route and try a lot of different things. So he’s really helped me just to take that idea of painting with so many different colors but using the same brush.” Madi added, “He finds what you need to work on to help you be the best person that you can be and then he just helps… I’ve never felt threatened or scared or anything when I’m with him because he knows exactly what to say to make you want to make him proud but also want to make yourself proud. And that’s why being on his team has been so transformative for all of us.” Watch the journey of Madi and Evan on The Voice on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 P.M. EST/PST on NBC.

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