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Pop Culture Bucket List: Do a Kickline on the Stage at Radio City Music Hall


Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas

This week we went out on the second leg of our Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour adventure. As with our trip to St. Louis, we found that there were a few key points from the trip that stood out. Here's a recap of the top five moments from our trip to New York City. Witnessing the Power of Tony Robbins Whether you believe in what he's doing or not, there's no denying that the world's most famous motivational speaker knows how to rouse a crowd. Robbins was the only Lifeclass guest teacher to come out before the taping of a show to warm up the audience. As he pumped up the crowd by asking them to introduce themselves to each other like they were long lost friends and getting them to chant the motivational word "yes" over and over again, there was no denying that Robbins' episode was going to have an energy like no other. Perez Hilton Is a Changed Man Most people know Perez Hilton as the snarky celebrity blogger. But a couple of years ago, Hilton underwent a transformation. After speaking out about teen bullying, some people called him out as a bully in his own right. With the cries of hypocrisy, came a moment of self realization. When Oprah's people heard that Hilton had undergone a self-imposed karmic cleansing, they invited him to be on Lifeclass. The new and improved Hilton told best-selling author Deepak Chopra and Winfrey, "I can't erase the past, I'm just trying to do better in the future." There were, understandably, some doubters in the audience, but as Oprah pointed out, "If he can't be redeemed then neither can I." Getting Our Kicks at Radio City Music Hall This week's Lifeclass tapings took place in one of the most iconic venues in the world - Radio City Music Hall. Not only were we fortunate enough to sit in the gorgeous theater, but we got a behind the scenes glimpse at the iconic building, as well. From the elevator that marked its floors by categories like "Rockette Operations" to the art deco wallpaper to the Rockettes dressing room, which was our command center, walking those halls was surreal. But the greatest moment of all was stepping foot on the RCMH stage and doing our own little two-person kickline. Deepak Chopra Teaches Everyone to "S.T.O.P." To sit in the presence of Deepak Chopra has a very calming effect. The soft spoken and kind-hearted pioneer in the disciplines of mind-body medicine just simply makes you feel at ease. But since we can't travel with him every day, he shared a method for getting rid of the crazy thoughts that often swirl around in all of our heads - S.T.O.P. He recommended these four easy steps for going to a calmer place: "S stands for Stop. T stands for Take three deep breaths and when you're doing that smile everywhere in your body. O stands for Observing what's happening in your body. P stands for Proceed now with kindness and understanding." Connecting with the Audience Without a doubt the best part of the entire Oprah's Lifeclass: the Tour experience was connecting with Winfrey's legion of fans. The spirit of acceptance and enthusiasm ran rampant at the NYC tapings. At one point, a woman sitting next to us turned during a commercial break and asked us to read an entry she had written in her Lifeclass journal just before the show. The words that this total stranger had penned were not only deeply meaningful to her, but reminded us of one of life's simple messages — to simplify your life by stripping your mind of pessimistic thoughts. She proved that the "Lifeclass" lessons will carry on through the audience, and Oprah's message will be spread.

Visit the show's official website to learn more about Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN.

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