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Each box is filled with products created by female artisans and

women-owned businesses. Every item is hand selected by us
at The Passionistas Project. Many will be sourced from women
we interview on our podcast and all will be included with the
goal of inspiring you to follow your passions.

Passionistas Pamper

The theme this quarter is PASSIONISTAS PAMPER. We hope the items in
this box will help you take care of your mind, body and spirit as we move
into a new year. Pour yourself a cup of Filipino hot cocoa, give yourself
an at home facial, take a steamy, fragrant shower, scrub up with some lavender body wash, slip your feet into a pair of fuzzy slippers and seek
out fun with a happiness coach. Explore the things that help you get
re-energized and find your bliss for the new year and beyond.




The winter box is
still available.




CLAUDIA CORDOVA RUCKER is the award-winning author of the book Beyond Ordinary
Business and founder of the award-winning beauty oasis Aqua nail bar and
Estetica Mia
a Jurlique brand well-being spa. Her purpose is to create a compassionate world by creating developing kind, humanized work cultures. In 2013, 2017 and 2018 she was recognized by the California Senate for her excellence in leadership and contributions
to her community’s economic growth. She has a B.A. in International Business Management from Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of each Passionistas Project Pack will be
donated to a charity.This quarter, we will be donating to The Fearless Heart.

THE FEARLESS HEART is a project of the organization Bay Area Nonviolent Communication. It started small when, in 2010, Miki Kashtan finally got the nerve to start her own blog. The response was so positive, and the pleasure of putting out her ideas and experiences so meaningful, that writing emerged as a core aspect of Miki’s work. As her visibility and reach grew over time, a team of people coalesced in support of the vision that she is holding for what’s possible for individuals and for the world. The Fearless Heart acts as the publisher for Miki’s books and upcoming multimedia self-study guide to nonviolent communication. The Fearless Heart team supports trainings around the world conducted by Miki and a number of other projects. Look around their website and see what draws
your attention. There is something there for anyone, from CEO to social activist.

To find out more about our other contributing Passionistas click on an image below.

Lizzy Simon Tov

Lizush Lavender

Shower Steamer

elizabeth sign retouched.png

Kathy Mark

Woolzies French Lavender Body Wash

Elizabeth Hoenscheid

Top It Off Popcorn Lounge Slippers

Tiffany Vincent


Amethyst Charm


Sara Ku

Kaya Essentials

Filipino Hot Chocolate

Ramona Harvey
Discounted Happiness




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