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Due Diligence
Trade Secrets
Licensing and Tech Transfer

Internet & E-commerce
Designer and Luxury Goods

a seasoned IP attorney with
broad-ranging experience gained from her career in technology, law
and business. Her practice focuses
on worldwide IP protection, enforcement and management; technology licensing; university technology transfer; and the IP aspects of business planning and strategy. Annette is a leading expert and frequent lecturer on women's innovation and women's participation in the field of IP law.



aRoundJoy owner, helps women in midlife de-stress, unwind, trim down & tone up through the joy of HOOPING - creative exercise you can do at home! 

No need to go to a gym for this extremely fun way to get moving, get in shape and reduce tension daily in your life... just order an aRoundJoy hoop! Geri offers basic hoop fitness & hoopdance training via ONLINE videos, tools AND her exclusive private virtual membership group. She also makes custom, handmade fitness & dance hoops, the RIGHT size for your success. BONUS: To help more women during these challenging times, each beginner hoop now INCLUDES all of Geri's training and the membership support, too! 

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DIA BONDI  has coached world leaders, CEOs, innovators and ambitious professionals and led workshops at high profile corporations including Quartz, Twitter and Nabisco. She helped Rio secure the 2016 Summer Olympics and has been on some impressive stages, including the 2018 3% Conference and Pandora’s Women in Technology Summit. She translated the techniques she learned at auctioneering school into a program that prepares women to ask for more and leave nothing on the table, called Ask Like an Auctioneer.

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This transformative session empowers attendees to both ask for more AND get it using the mental model of auctioneering. Give me a little of your time, and I’ll prove that one courageous Ask has the power to change everything. Open your eyes to the power and potential of Asking Big. Understand the two key concepts that cause us to leave money and opportunity on the table EVERY TIME.

Learn how to embolden your Asks using the most powerful tools from auctioneering

By the end of this short session, you’ll have what you need to make courageous Asks that never leave any money or opportunity on the table, ever. When you Ask Like an Auctioneer, you can reach your goals faster and get more of what you truly want.



is an award-winning teacher of financial education and is quickly becoming America’s favorite, personal finance expert. She has made it her mission to empower women and provide them with access to the tools and resources needed to create a better life for themselves and their families.

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The Budgetnista 

dedicated to making life-changing financial education accessible to women worldwide. 

Tiffany has created a financial movement that has helped over 800,000 women worldwide collectively save more than $100 million, and pay off over $75 million in debt, purchase homes and transform the way they think about their finances. These women that participate in this global movement call themselves, Dream Catchers. To further her mission Tiffany has created and teaches numerous free, financial classes both online and in person. Her signature course is her annual, Live Richer Challenge and is now in its 5th year.


Suzanne Carpenter is an approachable, sincere, fun-loving and passionate leader who loves to inspire personal improvement and transformation in those she teaches. Through her successful 10-year nutrition career, Suzanne saw a gap in the industry and a trend in society. Americans are more confused and overwhelmed than ever when it comes to actually losing weight and keeping it off.  She created a virtual nutrition education company called CarpenterOne80 whose mission is to provide affordable and simple programs that can clear up food confusion so that people can win at losing weight.  

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SUZANNE CARPENTER is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, the CEO and Founder of CarpenterOne80, as well as the creator of SOS (Suz On Your Shoulder), Babysit My Plate and The Food Peace University, three different virtual bite-sized nutrition courses. They were designed to teach you what you need to know to create sustainable results. 


Parents can find schools, education

and, at the moment, schooling from home challenging at various points in their child’s educational career. There are so many pieces of the schooling "pie" that it can be overwhelming. However, it is imperative that parents are partners with their teachers, faculty and administrators. This requires building relationships. edu-Me is passionate about bridging the gap and fostering a stronger relationship between parents and schools.


holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Education. She is a mother of four college-aged children and has spent 20 years volunteering in her children’s school in their classrooms and working with their administrators. She has implemented several processes that have benefited all children at the school. She is currently the host of the podcast edu-Me, which focuses on bridging the gap and fostering a stronger relationship between parents and schools.

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The 4-Week Lean Out Program is your all-in-one roadmap. This signature program explains the Why, What and How of Intermittent Fasting with habit-building strategies and exercises that are designed for women over 50. My transformational fitness and nutrition programs are tailored specifically to the individual's needs and their fitness level and are designed for the woman that wants to work independently through video with a bit of help.

Heike Yates is a fitness and nutrition expert helping women around the globe to stay fit for over 30 years. Heike’s passion is empowering women over 50 to say YES I CAN, and take back their health and strength to live a vibrant lifestyle.


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I Am Flawsome specializes in promoting mental health through music.


I Am Flawsome — The Mom Edition (A Virtual Self-Care Retreat)

Join us for a 6-week virtual retreat that will help you focus on
self-care and
much more.

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KRISTA GARRETT, owner of Garrett Music Academy and I am Flawsome, graduated from the Suitland School of Performing Arts for Piano and Vocal Performance before receiving her Master's Degree at Johns Hopkins University for Developmental Psychology. She specializes in early childhood music and developmental and cognitive disability programs. 


IFundWomen is the go-to marketplace for women-owned businesses and the people who want to fund them. We offer immediate access to capital through a premium online fundraising experience, access to small business grants from corporate partners, expert business coaching on all the topics entrepreneurs need to know about, and a network of women business owners that sparks confidence, accelerates knowledge and ignites action.

OLIVIA OWENS  is the Creator & General Manager of IFundWomen of Color, the platform for women of color to raise capital through crowdfunding, grants, coaching and the connections needed to launch and grow successful businesses. Olivia was a founding team member of IFundWomen and managed Business Development and Partnerships.
Before launching IFundWomen of Color, Olivia’s leadership brokered critical partnerships to help scale the business (GirlBoss, adidas, Visa).

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Issues of race, gender, culture and identity are important to stakeholders. Getting identity wrong can cost organizations, making it hard to attract new talent, retain diverse teams and serve clients of all kinds. Energize your team with an interactive workshop to get them thinking and talking about the shifts in culture that affect them and the work they do. We’ll look at the changes most important to your team to see how new information and changing narratives are reshaping our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Participants will leave with a clearer picture of the cultural shift we’re in, and what they can do to leverage change for your organization.

SUSAN X. JANE  is a diversity educator, speaker and trainer. A former professor and youth worker, she now consults with organizations looking to make sense of our current cultural shift. She thinks a lot about media and race… a lot, and writes and speaks about media… and race...  and generally encourages everyone she meets to think about the way our identity shapes our experiences, ideas, and beliefs about the world. If you're reading this, she wants you to think about it too. Want to talk about it? Let's go.


Passionsitas_Boots_NoSIgns_Credit-Pupp E

Sisters Amy and Nancy Harrington have been inspired by the new women's movement and decided to use their skills as celebrity interviewers to work to tell a different kind of story. Where many podcasters reserve their airtime for the elite, Amy and Nancy are talking to amazing women you probably haven’t heard of, who are making a huge difference by following their passions. From the founder of a successful ice cream company to a volcano scientist running for office to an artist who makes sculptures using melted down nuclear weapons, Amy and Nancy shine a light on the positive stories of women on The Passionistas Project Podcast.

AMY & NANCY HARRINGTON is an Organizational Development Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Coach, Facilitator, as well as, a Trainer and contributing Author who specializes in Organizational Health, Employee Engagement, Leadership and Professional Development, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Burnout, Resilience, Career and Life Coaching, and Mental Health Psychotherapy. 

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is a Certified Professional Coach, helping leaders
and entrepreneurs evolve their mindsets so they can make a positive impact and lead a happier, meaningful life. Her approach is a unique blend of Happiness and Leadership coaching. Prior to coaching, Ramona led marketing research at several large companies and mid-size startups (Twitter, eBay, Levi’s, Stubhub and SoFi, to name a few). 

NEW Ramona Photo.jpg

Through her research, Ramona Harvey found that like leadership, happiness is a learned skill and daily practice. With coaching and daily practice, everyone has the power to elevate their mindset so they can thrive. Her clients are mostly entrepreneurs and leaders, who as a result of working with her, have increased their wellbeing and their impact. Everyone she coached made a long-desired, significant life change within less than a year of working together.

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In such a fast-paced digital world, life can sometimes drive a hard bargain when shopping around for work-life balance. With the never-ending push for us to eat right, workout, have a family and stay on top of the demands of work, we tend to forget that people like us need help with balancing and juggling everything while staying sane! But if my gut serves me right, having little to no wiggle room to get it all done makes the help and support SP Consulting Group can provide a vital key to success. 

DR. SHANÉ P. TERAN is an Organizational Development Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Coach, Facilitator, as well as, a Trainer and contributing Author who specializes in Organizational Health, Employee Engagement, Leadership and Professional Development, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Burnout, Resilience, Career and Life Coaching, and Mental Health Psychotherapy. 

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MEGAN HAMILTON is the owner and founder of ubu skills in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Her classical theatre training and 25+ years of performance in both theatre and music have helped shape her coaching tools and her interest in feminism and women's leadership models are what drive her to work with amazing women, ultimately to change the world.

ubu skills focuses on speaking, visibility and confidence to bring women's leadership to the forefront. Megan Hamilton uses public speaking skills and intuition building
to cultivate vulnerability, authenticity and
visibility, so that you
can show up with courage and
incredible power. 

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Let’s vote through this apocalypse together.
The executive directors
of and Spread The Vote are here to answer your voting questions with activists, politicians

and your favorite celebs. Vote!
is for anyone who has ever felt powerless, overwhelmed, under-resourced or just
plain lost when it comes to voting

— aka pretty much all of us!

AH Profile Pic.jpg

ANDREA HAILEY is the CEO of, the largest non-profit, non-partisan voting registration and GOTV technology platform in America. 


KAT CALVIN is the Founder and Executive Director of Spread The Vote and the Co-Founder and CEO of the Project ID Action Fund.

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