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Each box is filled with products created by female artisans and

women-owned businesses. Every item is hand selected by us
at The Passionistas Project. Many will be sourced from women
we interview on our podcast and all will be included with the
goal of inspiring you to follow your passions.

Passionistas Pay It Forward

As we searched for products for our subscription box, we began
to realize that many of the female entrepreneurs and artisans we were encountering were using their platforms to do good for others. Many had founded charities. Others were donating a portion of their proceeds to philanthropic organizations. And some were ensuring the highest standards for laborers in the U.S. or abroad. It is their generosity of spirit that inspired the theme for this box: PASSIONISTAS PAY IT FORWARD. 



The Spring Box is




Carolyn Koppel has always been drawn to projects that help other people. Whether it was working for Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation or Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios, she chose to do work that had a purpose. Now as founder of Aaron’s Coffee Corner, Carolyn has a personal catalyst for giving back by providing 24/7 access to free, fresh, quality coffee in the family great rooms of Pediatric Intensive Care Units. Their mission is to provide the smallest of comforts to the family, friends and caregivers of children admitted to the hospital and give a sense of familiarity in a far too unfamiliar place. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of each Passionistas Project Pack will be
donated to a charity.
This quarter, we will be donating to Aaron’s Coffee Corner.

AARON'S STORY According to the Aaron’s Coffee Corner website, “Aaron was diagnosed with  Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase Deficiency (DPD) at around five months old. To our knowledge Aaron is currently the oldest example of severe infancy born DPD living at the moment. There are less than 25 cases of it reported worldwide… ever. As a result of Aaron’s DPD, he suffers from seizures, aka epilepsy. Aaron is non-ambulatory. That means he is confined to a wheel chair. Aaron is non-verbal and is almost blind. Aaron’s hearing is GREAT! He’s got that going for him. And if you talk or sing to him or play music for him, his smile will light up a room. Aaron requires 24 hour care. Aaron’s prognosis was that we would be lucky if he made it to age three. That is when we started celebrating his birthday with family and friends annually. We realize every day is a gift. As Aaron gets older his body gets weaker. When Aaron gets sick things go upside down very quickly. Every hospitalization is critical because it is harder and harder for him to come back from any kind of distress. His autoimmune system is impaired, his respiratory system is impaired, his musculoskeletal system is impaired, his global development is impaired. But boy, oh boy, is he handsome!”

“I decided to focus the charity on the families rather than the children themselves because
if you can bring a little comfort to the family in the smallest of ways, it's going to make the
biggest difference. I always felt that if we could help the families, we were helping the child
because you create less stress, you create a little peace of mind and it makes you better at
navigating all of this unfamiliar stuff.”

To find out more about our other contributing Passionistas click on an image below.
Mosmeen with fellow artisans...jpg

Moon Sharma 
Tara Projects Suspended
Galaxies Necklace

IMPACT: Providing opportunities for fair trade to the artisans of Delhi


Tara Projects Suspended
Galaxies Necklace
IMPACT: Providing opportunities for fair trade to the artisans of Delhi


Kate Anderson
iFundWomen Business Coaching
IMPACT: Changing the crowdfunding ecosystem
for women


Jean Thompson
jcoco Chocolate Bar Trios 
IMPACT: Donating fresh servings
of food to those in need


Erica Wright
Project UFirst Love Bags
IMPACT: Giving dignity to the unhoused by distributing Love Bags


Sabine Schoepke
Shiny Little Blessings 
IMPACT: Giving to families in need
of sustainable independence



Kelly Parker Smith
The Homebody Society Bee Coasters
IMPACT: Donates to families of
fallen heroes and adolescents healing from trauma


Amber Collins

Cabine Monde

Lavender Sage Bundle
IMPACT: Educating homeless children in Sacramento



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