Passionista Amy Harrington: Memories of My Kick-Ass Baby Sister

My first memory of childhood occurred at an OB/GYN office. I was four years old, holding my mother’s hand and walking down a long wood-paneled hallway. The door at the end of the corridor had an engraved plaque that read Dr. Herbert Fisher. When we sat down at Dr. Fishers desk, he told my mom that her fifth child, the sibling I had “ordered,” was due in seven months. My next vivid memory occurred approximately seven months later. My dad took us to the Chinese restaurant at Five Corners in Braintree, Massachusetts, where he tried to get me to eat eggroll. My distrust of his assurance that those were in fact noodles and not worms inside is a blog for another day. After dinner he piled Beth, ag

Susan Love Takes Kids on a Mystical Island Adventure

Courtesy of Susan Love As a young girl growing up in the foster care system, Susan Love found an escape through writing. Now decades later as a teacher and author, she helps students on a global level find their inner power through her book Ms. Love’s Mystical Island Adventure. As she recounted in a recent one-on-one interview, “I grew up in a foster home where it was more like keeping up with the Joneses. I got more gifts than attention. I started writing as a child, writing my own adventure stories that always had a happy ending. It was my way of finding happiness.” As an adult, Susan found happiness in a different way — teaching. While working as a supervisor at an after school progra

A Very Brady Blog... The Story of How We Got to Visit the Brady Bunch House

Photo courtesy of HGTV When we got the invite from HGTV to go to the premiere party and a sneak peek tour of the newly revamped house of their new show A Very Brady Renovation, we were thrilled. Then we hit a "Very Brady" snag of our own. Nancy was able to RSVP but I was not — a sitcom style twist that could only be solved by Mike and Carol's sage advice (or an awesome publicist named Brynn). We’re not sure if it was our extremely long and overly detailed email siting all of our accomplishments and audience of enthusiasts of all things retro or her compassion for two crazy women who clearly were taking this opportunity way too seriously. But the wonderful Discovery PR department put both our

Nancy Harrington: A Passionistas Passionista

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas Anybody who knows Nancy and I marvels at our relationship. Not only have we been best friends since the day I was born, but we became business partners over 15 years ago and are closer than ever. We've been called Laverne and Shirley (we both like to think we're Laverne). Some people don't know who we are if we approach them when we're alone, only to light up with recognition when they see us together. We often joke that we live by the code of ice dancers that we perform our best when we stay close together during our daily routine. Now I want to share all thing things that make Nancy so wonderful with all of you through my interview with her for The Passi

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