Rest in Peace — Valerie Harper

Yesterday's news about Valerie Harper hit us hard and we weren't sure why. Then we realized that with her passing, we have lost three of our biggest pop culture heroines from childhood. Rhoda, Princess Leia and Laverne DeFazio. Each, in her own way was smart, sassy, quick-witted, fiercely loyal,self-assured (even if a bit neurotic in some cases), independent, driven and, most importantly funny. They weren't the perfect leading ladies. They had flaws and let us know that that was okay. They had brains over beauty and classic style. And they could dress a store window, win a brewery talent show or command a rebel army like nobodies business. The women behind the characters were also inspiratio

Billie Best: Disrupting the Perceptions of Aging

In the spirit of full disclosure (and in a step towards embracing our age) we admit, this week’s guest on The Passionistas Project Podcast is a woman we’ve known for decades. Our sister Beth introduced us to the local Boston music scene when we were kids. Billie Best managed some of Boston’s most popular bands including Orchestra Luna. From afar, we thought she was the coolest. Then while in college and studying advertising and graphic design, Nancy accepted a job Billie offered her at Boston Rock magazine laying out ads for the music rag. It was our first experience of a woman lifting up another in business, taking a chance on a young, college kid looking for a break. It was then we learned

Sister Monica Clare: From Hollywood to a Holy Life

We have a long history with nuns. As young girls we went to St. Francis of Assisi catholic school in our hometown of Braintree, Massachusetts. Our brother and sisters went to the same small school and everyone there was like our second family — for better or for worse. We each shared classroom's with Kaminskis and McCue's for over 13 years. And we were guided by the nuns who ruled the school both in and out of the classroom. Some, like the benevolent Sister Agnesca, are fondly remembered around our family reunion tables as the gentle soul who taught us to sing along to tunes like "Eerie Canal" and "Comin' Round the Mountain." While others, like the school principal Sister John Marie, drudg

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