The Passionistas Project: The Meaning of Success

Photo by Pupp Etzioni We recently launched our own audio series — The Passionistas Project Podcast. We interview women who have thrown away convention, followed their dreams and shaped their own destinies. We call them Passionistas. They already view the world through a different lens than most and we were curious to find out what success meant to each of them personally, in an effort to help define the word for others. When we came up with the idea for the show, we knew that our first interview had to be with Natasha Case. We’d read a lot about the Coolhaus ice cream founder and she embodied everything we wanted to discuss. Along with her then girlfriend, now wife, Freya Estreller, Natasha

Pioneer Nan Kohler Brings Flour Milling to the City

As kids we loved to bake. Chocolate chips cookies were our specialty. We thought we were going to be the next Mrs. Fields. And then we realized we had no self-control and would eat all our profits. So we gave up on that dream and became occasional, mostly holiday-time, home bakers. But we can still picture the Gold Medal All-Purpose flour bag we’d pull off the shelf every afternoon to whip up a snack to enjoy while watching Gilligan’s Island. We don’t even remember there being a choice of brands, let alone types of flour to use. As we got older and the world became more health conscious, we began hearing about wheat flour. And watching Food Network we began to understand there were bread flo

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