Jewel the Boston Terrier Saves Our Souls

What do you get when you combine a Boston accent, a pet rescue, ‘90s pop stars and talking dog videos? Just our favorite viral videos on the world wide web starring Jewel the Boston Terrier. We honestly don’t remember how or where it started but Jewel just began popping up on our Facebook feed. From the very first, “Hi, Everybody!” we were hooked. Jewel is a spunky, 14-year-old, tiny Boston terrier with, you guessed it, a Boston accent. She chronicles her adventures with her Pops, watching the Pats gets “touchy downs” in the “Supper Bowl.” She’ll occasionally “open up a can of whoopty doo” on some renegade dog without a leash or share the trials and tribulations of her brother Blu getting hi

Pamela Skjolsvik — Author, Book Preservationist and Activist

We have met and spoken to a fair amount of creative people in our years doing interviews, and a common thread running through most of the stories we hear is that of unstoppable fear and unabashed risk-taking. But what about people who suffer from anxiety? Is that a death sentence in the creative world? In a field where rejection is commonplace, does the fear of failure stop writers, artists, actors and others from pursuing their passions? In most cases, we have found it doesn’t. Many creative types suffer from some kind of anxiety. But it does make it harder to chase your dreams when your fears are holding you down? In our most recent episode of The Passionistas Project Podcast, we spoke wit

Tess Cacciatore — CEO OF GWEN Global and Produce, Director, Writer, Editor

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas On this episode of The Passionistas Project Podcast, we speak with Tess Cacciatore, CEO of Global Women's Empowerment Network, an organization dedicated to advocacy and activism for human rights. Tess is an award-winning producer, director, writer and editor creating content that focuses on social impact. She covers important topics like human trafficking, early child marriage, domestic violence and clean water initiatives. Below is an excerpt from our interview in which Tess talks about one of her latest projects — distributing lanterns to the unhoused. To donate to this project visit Tess Cacciatore: This is

Caesar Rondina Turns Real Life Experience into Genre Spanning Books

Courtesy of Caesar Rondina It seems appropriate that Caesar Rondina has two distinct chapters in his life — one as a businessman and one as a first responder. The fact that he turned those disparate career paths into the basis for books is more than fitting. Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Rondina started his professional journey as the owner of an electronics business for 17 years. He managed to navigate through a very difficult economy and his company provided service work for various fire and volunteer services. Through those associations, he decided to join the West Haven Volunteer Fire Department. But Rondina had a vast knowledge of running a business so he was inspired to share tha

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