Lin Evola — Contemporary Artist, Peace Angels Project Founder

Everything surrounding Lin Evola seems to be serendipitous — even our introduction to her. We went to interview Tess Cacciatore at her home and when we walked in she introduced us to her nominee — Lin Evola, who was sitting in her dining room. Tess said, “You should interview Lin today when we’re done.” Now, if you know us at all, you know we like to be very prepared. We were the kids who did our homework right away after school and never waited to pull an all-nighter before the big term paper was due. We do extensive research and write detailed questions every time we sit with someone. So the idea of flying by the seat of our pants was a challenge to our core. But when Tess said, “Lin makes

Lisa Doughty Shatters the Concrete Ceiling in Her Romance Novels

Courtesy of Lisa Doughty Lisa Doughty has a lot to write about. Not only is she a prolific novelist, she has a fascinating personal story that not many women on the planet could tell. In a recent one-on-one interview, the Lakeview, California native talked about how her career in the music industry gave way to publishing fourteen books spanning four series in just two years. Doughty did not set out to be a romance novelist. In fact, she didn’t write her first book until 2017. She recounted the genesis of Black Star – book one of The Blackthorne Legacy Series came to be. “I started as a romance novel reader, between six to eight books a week. I loved them, especially the historical ones. They

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