Gary Brose Imparts His Business Expertise in the Novel Express Exec

Courtesy of Gary Brose Given his decades of experiences running multiple businesses, it’s not surprising that Gary Brose had penned a few tomes about the ins and outs of running an organization. But the fact that his latest offering comes in the form of a novel is intriguing. His long road to writing Express Exec is sure to deliver what it promises — “a novel approach to outrunning the pace of change.” Brose’s professional journey started in Seattle in the 1970s. After working at FedEx for five years, he had amassed a deep knowledge of experience managing terminals in different cities. He soon found owners of a Seattle-based business who wanted out. After multiple rounds of negotiations, Bro

Kate Bohan Becomes a Filmmaker to Help Her Daughter Live Her Dream in Kayla

Courtesy of Kate Bohan Kate Bohan and her daughter Kayla have take the concept of the mother-daughter bond to whole new heights with the feature film “Kayla.” When Kayla went to her mom at the tender age of four and told her she wanted to act, Kate took steps to help her child realize her dreams — she became a filmmaker. Kate had some prior experience in production in her native China. After majoring in broadcasting in Beijing, she was a professional reporter and news anchor. But when Kayla expressed interest in acting, Kate started studying filmmaking in Hollywood with the ultimate ambition of making her own movie. As she explained in a recent interview, “I wanted to create a happy memory f

Passionista Ramona Harvey — Creator of the Path of Happiness

Ramona Harvey did something most of us only dream of doing. She left her job in the world of consumer research for big corporations like Twitter, eBay and the Gap, took her kids out of school and moved home to her family farm in Romania. She couldn’t help but feel like she needed to revisit her homeland, share the country with her children and get out of her 9 to 5 rut. Everyone thought she was crazy. But she did it anyway. She and her family spent the year working the farm, milking cows, feeding chickens and picking fresh vegetables for their meals. She homeschooled the kids and traveled with them through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherland

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