Passionista Sarah Boyd — Founder of SIMPLY

Courtesy of Sarah Boyd Sarah Boyd did the thing we love to see our Passionistas do — she parleyed a successful business as a public relations maven in the fashion industry into a thriving business where she's following her passion. In 2012, Sarah founded SIMPLY, a fashion and beauty conference that now spans the globe with events in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Dubai. During our Passionistas Project Podcast interview with Sarah, she talked about her love of connecting people and described the most rewarding part of her job. "Definitely the day of the event, the conference. When I look and I see all of these women, just so happy, and all of them thanking me for creating something like

Passionista Jessie Jacobson — Writer, Musician, Lecturer and Former Family Therapist

It's interesting how you can know someone for years but not know their whole story. Jessie Jacobson is someone we've had meals with, gone to concerts with and always enjoyed talking to. We knew that she loved The Beatles and The Monkees. We knew about her work as a therapist. We had heard parts of her amazing personal journey as a trans woman in spoken word performances. But until we sat down to interview her for The Passionistas Project Podcast, we had no idea how accomplished she was and how deeply compassionate she is. Through the podcast we discovered that Jessie has been a musician since she was a child — heavily influenced by seeing "these four angels" called the Beatles on Ed Sullivan

Frank Kilpatrick Is On a Mission to Make Music with a Message

Courtesy of Frank Kilpatrick Songwriter Frank Kilpatrick admits that his connection to music when he was young was “limited.” He took “mandatory clarinet” lessons in the sixth grade, was in a rock cover band in college and would listen to the symphony records his father brought home from work at the local radio station. And he recounted in a recent interview, “I was fortunate to fall into a basic music theory class in high school; it gave me just enough knowledge about sevenths and diminished chords to be dangerous.” Plus he had acquired some other handy skills as the founder of marketing agency. “I had written ads (and shot video) at the agency, so I knew something about the power of words,

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