Joe Lujan: Filmmaker, Director, Costume Designer, Master Juggler

Photo Courtesy of Joe Lujan When he was a kid Joe Lujan was inspired by the two horror films he was allowed to see — I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream. But when he dreamed of his future, he always imagined that he would be a veterinarian. In a recent interview he explained, “I love all animals and was fascinated by them. Animal Planet was my everything [laughs].” Yet as much as he was focused on a medical profession, he still had a passion for movie-making. “I still did my little films here and there as a hobby with my siblings and relatives but didn't think anything more of it,” he recounted. “I would make little films and play video games as my fun time. We played nothing but R

Passionista Annette Corsino-Blair — Owner, The Knitting Tree L.A.

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas Sometimes it's hard in a sprawling city like Los Angeles to find your tribe. Unless you go to a church, really get along with your co-workers or find kindred spirits in your exercise classes, the City of Angeles can be a lonely place. So our most recent interviewee, Annette Corsino-Blair, has made it her mission to foster a community in the sanctity of her Inglewood-based yarn store, The Knitting Tree L.A. and Branch Gallery. Patrons can do more than just buy yarn at Anette's shop. They are also encouraged to sit with their fellow crafting enthusiasts to knit, crochet, weave and more around a large table that is the heart of the store. Thanks to Annette's

Passionista Linda Goetz — Actor, Writer & Director

Linda Goetz has had a very successful career as an actor in the greater Boston area. She was nominated for Best Actress by the Independent Reviewers of New England for her role as Lady Macbeth with the Fudge Theatre. She is also one of the founders of the Newton Nomadic Theater and she is known throughout the area for her performances in the Nomadic Theater’s Faith Healer, Off the Grid's Equus and Fort Point Theatre Channel's Summer House. But like a lot of women in her profession, she hit a certain age and the work was harder to come by. So, in true Passionista form, she took matters into her own hands and began writing and producing her own web series. To date she has completed Brilling, a

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