Passionista Daina Trout — Co-Founder Health-Ade Kombucha

Photo by Pop Culture Passionistas Swiss engineer George de Mestral had no intention of inventing Velcro when he took his dog into the woods on a hunting trip. But when burrs started to stick to his pooch’s fur, a revolution began. Navy engineer Richard James was trying to create springs to keep sensitive instruments on ships from bobbing about when he accidentally designed the Slinky. And Daina Trout had no intention of becoming a kombucha mogul when she first started focusing her attention on the fermented beverage. When it all began, her husband, Justin, had learned he was losing his hair. So Daina, Jeff and Daina’s best friend, Vanessa Dew, joined forces to create a SKOBY (or Symbiotic

A New Book Answers the Age Old Question About Where the Socks Go

It’s a question every adult on the planet has probably asked at least once in their lifetime while taking their clothes out of the dryer. “Where do the socks go?” Well, now two sisters and a close friend are providing answers in a new children’s book called Where the Socks Go. In a recent interview, Nicole Green McCalla and Claudine Barbot told us how they met and teamed up with Claudine’s sister Jocelyne Barbot to pen the tome. It started with a shared background in education. “How we met is all entwined in our passion and careers,” recounted Claudine. “Nicole and I met while teaching together in an elementary school and had an instant connection. Jocelyne and I are sisters and share a pass

Passionista Erika De La Cruz — Author and Founder of Passion to Paycheck

Photo Courtesy of Erika De La Cruz The great thing about having our listeners nominate a Passionista on our website is that it’s helping us discover kindred spirits that we didn’t know were out there. Such was the case when Jock Purtle nominated his fiancé, Erika De La Cruz. Not only is Erika a TV personality who covers red carpet events but she’s also an author, coach and inspirational speaker. Her best-selling book had a name that went straight to our hearts — Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams. We knew we’d found a new sisterhood soulmate. Needless to say, we reached out to her right away to set up the interview. Beyond that, Erika lives her life

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