Passionista Liz Lachman — Filmmaker and Emmy-winning Musician and Composer

We are beyond excited that, once again, our idea to have our interviewees nominate another Passionista really paid off. We are so fortunate that Chef Susan Feniger introduced us to her equally talented wife, filmmaker and Emmy-winning musician and composer, Liz Lachman. Liz and her adorable dogs welcomed us into their home for the interview and as soon as we walked through the front door we thought she was the greatest. But once we realized that she shared our love of puppets, we knew we’d made a new friend. A true creative force, Liz started performing professionally at 15 singing with a big band in Detroit. As she told us during her interview, she didn’t really fit in with her peers, w

Passionista Laura Young — Boston Ballerina

We were raised in a very creative family. We are surrounded by music, art, theater and dance. While the rest of us admired the movement from afar, our sister Lisa was the only one graced with the gift of coordination. She followed her passion morning, noon and night — dancing seven days a week — teaching and performing whenever she could. We happily sat in the lobby at the dance studio as she rehearsed, eagerly attended the yearly dance recitals and gleefully went to see her perform in a multitude of shows. And every year all the woman in the family — aunts, cousins, nieces, grandmothers and mothers — went to watch the Boston Ballet perform The Nutcracker during the holidays. So, while the r

Larry Sands Brings a Little “Something Something” Extra to All His Films

Courtesy of Larry Sands Once you get to know Larry Sands, it’s not surprising that the multi-talented filmmaker would start a podcast like Something Something. The show is all about creative people following their passions. That’s a topic Sands, an actor, writer, producer, editor and so much more, knows an awful lot about. In a recent interview, Sands told us about his own artistic journey and the podcast that highlights others’ imaginative pursuits. Sands was born in Hartford City, Indiana on New Years Day and grew up in Texas — a far cry from the entertainment industry in Hollywood. But he started acting in high school and was quickly hooked. “My senior year we were doing dinner theater

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