Sewra G Kidane Puts an Exclamation Point on Her Directing Career

Courtesy of Sewra G Kidane Growing up in Harlem and Washington Heights, Sewra G Kidane became interested in filmmaking at an early age. As she recalled in a recent interview, “When I was around 11, I used to watch Leonard Nimoy’s show Lights, Camera, Action! about how movies were made and who did what! It was something that completely fascinated me! I made my mind up then, that’s this is what I wanted to do when I grew up!” After taking video production classes for young people in junior high, Kidane majored in film production in high school at Art & Design in NYC. She went on to study television production at Emerson College in Boston. She quickly gravitated toward post production. “My

Passionista Jess Phoenix — Vote for Curiosity, Science and Passion

Congressional Candidate, Volcano Scientist and Founder of Blueprint Earth, Jess Phoenix While searching for ideal women to interview for The Passionistas Project Podcast, we feel fortunate when we find someone who is completely fired up about what they do. But with Jess Phoenix, we hit the jackpot. Not only is she a successful volcano scientist and founder of the non-profit Blueprint Earth but this year she decided to throw her hat in the ring and run for Congress. Three passions rolled up into one inspiring Passionista. We visited Jess at her campaign headquarters in Palmdale, California, where she talked about her career as a volcanologist, inspiring young scientific minds through her or

Passionista Sashee Chandran — Taking Over the Tea Business One Drop at a Time

Sashee Chandran, Founder of Tea Drops When we came up with the idea for The Passionistas Project Podcast, we thought it would be fun to have each interviewee nominate someone else for us to talk to. We hoped, but never really could have dreamed, that it would lead it us to so many incredible women the way it has. At the end of our very first interview with Coolhaus founder Natasha Case, she suggested we talk with Sashee Chandran, the founder of Tea Drops, a unique and delicious line of pressed teas that dissolve right in your cup. Our talk with Sashee was exhilarating. Hearing about her journey from eBay marketing executive to beverage entrepreneur was incredibly inspiring. In our podcast,

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